Cold Ice

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Never been loved her entire life, abandoned, unloved and unwanted... Just a little push and problems and that feeling might be her early christmas present - For the Merry Christmas: Short Story Contest for Epicgurl123

Submitted: December 17, 2013

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Submitted: December 17, 2013



Some people have it lucky, they have a family, friends, partner and a life that will continue on...

I wasn't one of those people, I was a orphan, abandoned on the front step of an old rundown orphanage church in the middle of nowhere, and to make matters worse, none of the children there liked me.

There was only one person who even cared, but it was out of pity and because they are the type to look after people who don't fit in, he was the one I wanted to rely one anyway since I needed just one person... Just one, is that too much to ask for? And I don't even care if it is out of pity... But I will soon, I will turn 18 just after Christmas and then I leave this place.

"Claire! The head Nun is looking for you again!" I turned my head, looking over to the voice calling me, I was laying on one of the wooden church benches.

"Tim..." I saw him looking over behind the bench, his black hair dangled down slightly while looking down, he was as handsome as ever, unlike the ugly plain me... More thoughts, just great.

"Claire!" A sudden shock hit my body, from that scary but familiar voice, causing me to roll off the bench to the floor. I felt a sharp pain in my arm that I landed on, on this hard tile floor, "Where are you?!" The voice only came angry, "Oh it's you Tim, have you seen that girl?"

Tim looked down to me causing me to flinch, was he going to snitch on me to the Head Nun? "Yes I have..." I flinched, I looked back to him and then over to where I heard her voice, "She ran to the kitchen, as soon as she heard you were calling for her." I continuously stared at him amazed, he never told her.

"I see..." She sounded a bit suspicious, "Thank you, Tim." Soon I heard footsteps leading away from my location and without hesitation I instinctively sighed a breath of relief.

I soon got off the cold tile floor and sat on the bench again with Tim leaning on the back of the bench beside me, "What did she want?" His mouth was right by my ear, just the sound of his voice gave me relief.

"She just wants to talk to me about my moving..." I didn't like the sound of it myself but it can't be helped.

"..." He went quiet all of a sudden.

"...Tim?" I turned my head to look at him and froze just seeing his face, he gripped his hands onto the bench with great strength since his fingers where turning pink. His face looked cold and angry, I have never seen him like that.

"You are leaving, Claire?" He finally spoke but I don't know why but he sounded colder and distant, I didn't like this.

I simply nodded my head at him, turning my head away, "Yes, I turn 18 soon, I'm leaving on the 29th..." I didn't want to look at him.

"And it's Christmas Eve today..." He said with a cold and low voice.

"Yes, I leave in 5days..." I smiled awkwardly, "Well you get to stay for another 6months before you have to leave, so don't worry about it..." He must be hating that this would happen to him as well on his 18th birthday.

"Yeah, you are right..." I paused again, he didn't sound to good and without and hesitation I turned my head, his eyes had gone cold, "I'll see you later then..." That was the last words he had said, I wanted to stop him to see what was wrong, but I'm only a useless person, I became more miserable more than ever and that was because it was Tim and he is different, which I wished was true.

Later that day, I took a stroll around the outside of the church in the deep and heavy snow to clear my mind. I kept my head lowered while looking at my boots stooping into the white beautiful snow, it was so pure.


"Got her!" I paused in my steps, feeling a very cold and wet, hit to the back of my head and some familiar voices that I didn't want to hear, and then snickering was heard, "Claire's the target!"

I turned my head, knowing I would regret it. I saw the other orphans a bit behind me with snowballs in their hands and smirks on their faces, they were a bit younger than me but for some reason they didn't like me at all, "Go away..." I didn't want to go through this today.

"What?!" One of the boys didn't like me back talking, "Why don't you just die! We don't want you here!"

It stung, I felt a swelling feeling in my eyes that seemed to be pulling further as if I was about to cry. I wasn't strong enough to put up with them, "Why...?" I asked, with my voice becoming weaker.

"You are ugly, stupid and weak! You might be a orphan but doesn't mean you deserve to be happy!" He shouted back, sounding more angry.

Why? Why? Why?! I wanted to know, was this my curse for the rest of my life? For no one to love me, is that why I was abandoned?

"What are you doing to Claire?!" They flinched.

"It's Tim! Run!" They noticed Tim running over and quickly left themselves.

"Are you OK, Claire?" He instantly came to me, he bent his back a little to see my clearly, "Did they do anything to you?"

They didn't have to, I should of known it would of turned like this, "I''m leaving..." I couldn't take this anymore.

"...What?!" I'm not surprised about his reaction but least he doesn't have to put up with someone he doesn't want to.

"Goodbye..." I began to walk the opposite direction of the orphanage.

"W-Wait, Claire! Don't!" Tim grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him, "What's wrong with you all of a sudden?!" He didn't seem like himself all of a sudden, just like before.

"No one will ever love me..." I didn't mean to say that, it just slipped out.

"...You're wrong..." He replied back but he seemed a bit different, as if he was indicating something, "I..."

"Go away!" I became angry, what would he know? Everyone loves him, everyone... The complete opposite of me...

"No wait, Listen!" He wouldn't let go of my wrist, just looking at him made me think of things I wouldn't want to think about.

"I hate you!" ...Wait... What did I just say?

That moment slowly Liam let go of my wrist and lowered his head, a sharp pain suddenly shot me in the heart, was this guilt? Or something else?

I couldn't take it, I lowered my head unable to do anything and ran, I ran as fast as I could in that deep snow and into the forest close my, "Claire!" I heard Liam's voice but it was becoming quieter and quieter, the more I ran.


My breath was heavy, my body began to become warm while I slowed down when I reached the icy lake in the middle of the forest. My fingers and face where cold but the rest of me burned from the running, "I'm a idiot..." I uttered under my heavy breath.

I turned my head to the lake and noticed the wooden board that was surrounded my the ice and walked over to it, when I stood there I recalled on what the boy said before about me dying, it echoed in my head.


My eyes looked down to the cold ice cracking around the wooden board, showing the dark water, how deep it was, so was this a sign, it must be.

Steadily, my feet began to walk to the end of the wooden board, right in front of the frozen ice. I stretched my left foot out and dipped it slightly into the cold water, I could feel the chill run through my body, "I guess I should just die..." I couldn't think straight, my body began to feel numb but my left foot sank more into the ice water.

"No...!" Warm strong arms wrapped around my body, huh?

I was pulled back with great strength and fell back on top of someone, away from the lake... Why did I suddenly feel warm?

"Are you an idiot?!" Oh... That voice, I turned my head and noticed I was right.

"Liam..." Why did the sight of him bring warmth to me? I noticed his heavy breathing from the running.

"You are loved!" He shouted at me, making my ears ring a little.

We both then stood up, once we did we looked at each other, "What do you mean?" He must be crazy, right? Me being loved?

Liam's hand suddenly grabbed my chin, pulling me towards him. What is he doing? But some reason my heart began to beat faster, I wasn't tired anymore, so why?

"I love you..." I paused that moment, when our lips touched, it was cold but yet somehow felt very warm at the same time. Did I hear him right? We broke it up then, feeling as if we passed our warmth to each other, "Leave with me, Claire!"

"You love me...?" Liam nodded his head to my question with a warm smile on his face.

"Since the first time I saw you." He could say the most embarrassing things.

I smiled... Liam froze seeing my smile but a warm water ran down my face, I guess I can cry now, "I'm happy..."

Liam smiled back and with impulse running through my veins, I hugged him, standing in that cold together, "That's all I ever wanted..." He then wrapped his arms around me as well.

We stayed there for a while, unable to let go. But sadly we soon did, and while holding hands for the first time, we walked back to the orphanage after deciding to stay together... So this feeling was love all along? A present I always wanted... I hope this will last for the many years to come, even when I don't live here anymore.

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