It rains when you cry.

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Fate brings Karthik and Shravanti together. They share common interests in many things. It is when Shravanti beleives that she has found the right man, She experiences the shock of her life. 'It rains when you cry' is a corporate love story with its share of love, friendship and life.

Submitted: May 07, 2012

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Submitted: May 07, 2012



It was raining heavily that day. I was stumbling towards my bus with my lunch pack on one hand and hand bag in the other. It was around 6:55 in the evening, but it looked very dark that I could barely see. At last I made it in time for my 7 o clock bus.

Before I got into the bus I saw a guy leaning over the closed window shield, he was looking straight towards me. I got in to the bus with the rain drops dripping from my tangled hairs. I looked around for a while and the bus was full. Everyone was busy in their own world. Many with ipods and some with newspaper and books. But the guy whom I saw leaning on the window looked straight at me, suddenly he raised his hand and it looked like he was signaling me for an empty seat near him. I moved slowly and took the seat.

It was totally strange and I didn’t thank him though my heart wanted to. He looked upset but I did not care to ask why. For the next half an hour he kept looking out through the window exactly the same way how he was leaning over the window when I came, this time looking away from me. I turned my head to have a clear look at him, only then I noticed that he too was wet and was not bothered to dry his hair. He was very conscious of the mobile phone which he was holding on his hand tight.

I don’t know why my attention got diverted time and again towards him, I thought to strike conversation but I was nervous. I was never like this with my attention pivoted towards a person on my travel back home from work. This guy had something special.

I then realized that it was time to get down by seeing the flashy street lights that glowed gracefully through the rain drops shattered over the window shields. In some time, I stood up and started walking towards the door.

I could not resist turning to have a look at him. In the middle of ‘should I or should I not’ questions which ran on my mind, I was startled to see him standing rite beside me. I had a smile with in myself and got down and started walking towards my home, this time I turned back with out a second thought, I saw him walking towards the opposite direction and vanish in the traffic.

Two more days passed. Yes, I haven’t seen him on these days. But each and every frame of that evening stayed on my mind like my first time cycling and swimming experience. But I didn’t long for that moment to happen again. I don’t know why. But as always, fate played in an unexpected manner, this time I made it to the bus early. The bus was almost empty but he was sitting on the exact place where he sat the other day, more surprisingly in the same position, leaning on the window. I took my seat two rows aside him. We didn’t share a glance after this till we reached our place.

Days passed, and it was a familiar site everyday. He sits on the last seat, fixing his eyes on me when I come and I took the empty seats in the front. I could sense some kind of sadness in him but I was very nervous to even bid a hai. I started wondering why he looks at me, but I was sure that he will not come up with a proposal. Though we never exchanged a word, when ever I board the bus my eyes turns to the last seat where he parks himself.

I did not go to work for the next week as I was out of city for my brother's betrothal. It was quite a refresher with the happy moments with all my relatives together who happened to settle elsewhere after my grandfather died.

Work was bit hectic the next week with all the pending issues. My whole day was very much occupied by the clients who kept calling me for every half an hour. In the midst of this I didn’t had any time to think about that impressive stranger. Only when my colleague reminded me about the bus, his thoughts came to my mind. I looked at my watch, it was already 7. I took my bag and ran like a school kid only to see the danger lamps of the bus glowing at a far distance. I do not know why I got disappointed as I never had when I miss the bus, when we have bus service every half an hour. I sat on the waiting bench with my heads down. Suddenly, I heard shoe steps. It was like someone running towards me, I raised my head to have a look and it was him. He kicked the ground and screamed at himself, 'you missed the bus, bloody!’ All these time, he never saw me. I can feel the adrenaline rush inside me after seeing him do that. Yes, I thought that he got frustrated for missing me with the bus.

He walked slowly and sat beside me with his heads down exactly how I was. And then it was complete silence for the next two minutes. All that I can hear is his heavy breathing and the cold winter wind which blew a bit unusual, creating a perfect scene.

A stern voice then came from him "Miss! Can you give me some water?”

I could not believe that I was awake. After a moment pause, I quickly ran my hands into my bag and took out the water bottle.
"I am sorry! I just have a little. But you can finish it", I said. I saw his lips forming a curve.

"OMG, did he smile just now?” I asked myself.

"Hi! I am karthik, nice to meet you... and... Thanks for the water...” he said while gulping the water bit by bit.

"I am to glad that you talked at last", I told myself, this time with a murmur. He raised his eyebrows with the last gulp of water in his mouth. It looked like he has heard what I said.

Before he started talking, "Nice to meet you too, I am shravanti... BTW no need for thanks, after all no one can own air and water."

"hmmm… Are you a communist?"

"Not exactly karthik... hmmm may be... but at least air and water should be distributed without inequalities... What do you say?"

"ya! You are correct! I should say this at least after having water from you...", he smiled.

His next question, made me fly. Yes, literally. "I couldn’t find you in bus for the past one week, not feeling well?”

"No da, you know what? My brother got engaged. That is why I was on leave"

"wow! That is a great news shravanti! Where is my share of sweets?"

"Well I just brought some and it disappeared like the rabbit in a magician's hat, once when I kept it on my desk."

"Oh no! But I need a treat.” He made a frown like a child.

"hmmm ya... I’ll buy you a black forest cake once we reach our place."

"Deal!” he smiled.

"Time to go", he stood up seeing the bus.

We got in to the bus. It was empty. I took the first seat, just to play a fool with him. He stood there for a moment looking at his most favorite corner. He then looked at me. For a moment I thought of telling him that I will come with him to the back seat, but then I did not speak. He half mindedly sat near me. He took out his mobile phone and grabbed it exactly how he did on the first day I saw him. But unfortunately he could not get the same posture as I sat near the window. Nobody spoke for some time.

"Missing your corner seat?” I asked.

"No!” he said instantly. We didn’t talk about this again. We then talked about the common things to get to know each other better. I noticed him having some common tastes like reading John Grisham novels, searching horror genre in imdb website and the most romantic khuda jaane caller tune. He had some great collection of horror movies which I asked him to lend me, not just because I am interested on the movies but also on him.

Like this our relationship started and went on well. Each and everyday looked very special with him. The silent jokes that he crack and the great collection of songs that he carried in his ipod, kept me waiting for the clock to strike seven. Day after day I realized that I am falling for him. I can see the same from his side too. But I did not understood why he felt sad at times, this happened even after we know each other too but of a less frequency, like when I was busy with his ipod or when I talk through my phone with my friends.

When ever I get bored I will drop him a message and call him just to hear the caller tune. One night after my dinner, I was listening to the caller tune, when dad entered my room. He said that he feels that it is the right time to find a guy for me. I do not know how to react. But, being so nice to me, he gave me time to think and make a decision on my marriage, whether to do it now or sometimes later.

I decided to tell karthik that I long to spend the rest of my life with him. I know that he too had the same feeling in his mind. All that should happen is someone to speak up. I thought its time for me to make the move.

Next day, By 6:45 I took the corner seat where karthik used to sit. I waited till 7, but he didn’t turn up. So I got down and decided to wait for him in the stop. He came walking slowly very much dejected like how he was before we talked. I saw him wiping his tears with his sleeve in seeing me. He did not expect me there. He must have left the bus just to avoid me seeing him cry. On seeing karthik like that, I could not bear it for another second. I just ran towards him and asked him what went wrong.

He burst out crying, "Jenny, My girlfriend is getting married next week with the guy, her dad had chosen for her." On hearing this, I slipped the card back in to my bag which I’ve bought for my proposal. He rested on my shoulder and kept crying. We waited for our next bus. It started raining.

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