"Did you know the pickle ornament on the tree is fake?"

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Submitted: February 06, 2010

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Submitted: February 06, 2010



Christmas day
And his blood clot is going to expire
I don't know when, but soon

His family is worried
As they wait for the end result to come
Their tears come sooner than expected

It was mid Christmas day
And he no longer remained
He left the world
His blood clot couldn't take it anymore

Doctors couldn't save him
His body couldn't save him
Nobody could save him

He wasn't suppose to go, but he had to
He was sick his whole life
And it finally got to him
The life he wanted to see
He can no longer see

Over 50 years
And even then
He couldn't win the battles

This battle
It just came to him like that
And it it swept him so fast

The blood can't circulate his body
It can't go anywhere
It clogs up like a tiolet in his body

As his final breath exhales
He enters into the ground with the dirt and bugs
And says goodbye forever

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