Rise of the furs

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A story of a normal boy who's life has been flipped upside down.

Submitted: December 12, 2012

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Submitted: December 12, 2012



Hi my name is Kurai and I am here to tell a story of sorrow, pain and love. Well to tell this story I need to go back about 3 weeks it started like any other day I would get up get ready for school, go to school, come home, have dinner then go to bed and it would go like this every day for as long as I remember. But today is different what made this day different is that something extraordinary happened. When I woke but first I got to say I was like any other person but this morning I felt different this morning I felt funny I didn't know why so I went to be mirror to see and when I did I nearly feinted because what I saw was something that really freaked me out. I had long ears on top of my head like an animal but that was not the first difference I looked closer and I saw I had a long nose with whiskers and even more crazy a tail a long black and orange one. I didn’t know what to do so I did the first thing I could I had to hide all this so I put on my old ski mask and tracksuit pant that covered up my tail pretty good but the ears would be a problem so I found a hat to hide them. Once I had dealt with that problem I called my friend and told him what happened “Hey man I got to tell you something” I said “what is it?” my friend Jason answered back to me. “I got to problem” “just tell me what is it?” “I think I’ve turned into a cat” I said. “Ha-ha-ah you kidding me” Jason chided “No I'm not so you got to help me! I pleaded “I don't know what to do” Jason answered back. “Well I guess I'll need to find a way to reverse this” “What did you do to make this happen” he asked “Nothing” I replied “Wait a second have a look at the tv I think there is a report on that you should look at” Jason said. “Ok I'll see, I’ll call you later.” I switch off the phone and turned on the tv in my room to see what he meant. What I saw made my eyes boggle what I was looking at was not just happening to me but was actually going on around the world at the exact same time. “Oh my God what is going on in this world” “I can’t believe what I’m seeing, what is happening to the world?” It seems the worlds gone mad there seems to be hundreds like me being reported around the world. “how did this happen” I said to myself again. I watched the report till it was over then went downstairs to face my family about what I’ve become. When I walked into the kitchen I called out to see if my parents were around “I’ll be right over” mum called from the back of the house. While I waited and thought over what I was going to say I went to get breakfast. 10 minutes later my mother walked and the first thing she did was and never guess was feint. When she came to she started screaming in fright and yelling at me to go away. I couldn’t believe my ears for what I was hearing. “Come on mum I’m still the same” I said after she had calmed down. “What’s happened to you my poor boy, how did you become a monster” she cried “I don’t know I just woke up this way” I answered back. “What are we going to do with you?” “Find a way to hide what I’ve become the best I can”. “How do you plan to do that?” “A disguise till I find a more permanent solution…..right?” -------^()^------- I can’t believe what’s happening I used to be normal and now I’m a I don’t know what I am and to make it worse I think I might be disowned, there is no worse feeling then being taken away. I don’t know what to do I guess ill just have to make do with the only life I can put together.

"Tell me what your going to do" my mother was asking me while i was thinking of a solution in my head. "I think i should go away for a while maybe go out to uncle Benjamine out in the country." i answered back "I think that would be a good idea" my mother said softly as she came over and hugged me. "when are you going to leave" she asked me on the edge of crying with tears in her eyes. "I think i'll leave as soon as possible, maybe tonight or tomorrow morning." I answered back about to cry too. "I going to miss you while your away" "I know" i said. The day went by slowely while i try to get over the fact that im not normal anymore, i have fur a tail and big cat ears. I didnt want this at all, what am i going to do still i ask myself again. Not knowing the answer to this question of my new life. I hope I dont stay like this forever well I guess if i stay this way i will at least make the most of it. It was packed that night around 8:00pm and ready to leave my mother had called up uncle Benjamine telling the problem and he agreed to take me in. i left at 8:30pm and got there at 10:00. I got out of the car and headed for the house hoping not to freak out uncle Ben to much when he saw what i am even though he has been told. mum and i walk up to bens house. the house a nice one it is two floors when we walked in the botom floor was deserted so we called out for him to comwe down. a few minutes passed and finally we heard a call from up stairs. He came down soon after and seeing me almost made run for the shotgun he always keeps nearby. "it's only me Ben" i call. that made him freeze, "Kurai!, is that you, how is that you your've changed" "I know Ben but i need to stay with you for a while." i asked "i know your mum called me, its been a while i havent heard much where is your father?" "i dunno he wasnt home when i discovered what ive become so he must be at work" "well why dont you go put your stuff in one of the rooms and settle in you'll be here for a while." Ben said. "ok ill get to that then" i said "oh wait ive got to tell you your not the only one whos come here for a while there is a nice girl upstair that has already gone to bed you can talk to her in the morning." "ok then i will" I answered awkwardly. "well bye mum" i called back before i went upstairs. "bye hun" mum called back. i continued upstairs heading to the room ill be staying in when i heard a noise from one of the other rooms, i followed that noise when i got just outside the room it coming from i noticed it was crying. i knocked on the door and walked in to see what was wrong and what i saw was magnificent, a beautiful younge girl bearly younger than me that looked a lot like a tiger in human form was sobbing on her bed. i walked up to her in sympathy for i knew what she was going through and tapped on her shoulder. "Hi are you alright" i asked the nice looking girl. she rolled over and when she saw me had a real fright because she was seeing me as being like her but then she answered in a sweet voice "im fine i just cant believe this has happened to me." "i know im the same you see" i said in the most reasuring voice i could muster. "will you be alright you need anything" i asked "no il be ok till morning" she said back. "oh wait ive forgotten to give you my name im Kurai and you?" "im Sandy" "thats a nice name" i replied. "well ill see you in he morn..." "no wait could you stay here for the night i don to sleep alone" she interupted. "ok ill just go get my things" i said back "ill be back in a few minutes" i said. "ok ill be waiting". a few minutes later we were settled in togother on oposite sides of the bed fast asleep.

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