Running into dark

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It's about how a girl who doesn't like her self and adventures off into lost woods getting away from her best friend that she hurt.

Submitted: January 10, 2015

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Submitted: January 10, 2015



‘’’Kitty hated to be herself, because she too was scared to be… she didn't ever want to hurt her friends, but she did, she hurt her best friend…

but it was too late, she had hurt her friend too much, she ran off, because what's done, is done…

she was scared, hurt, lost… she wanted to be left alone, and she knew that he loved her, would do anything for her, and protect her no matter what. she knew he was going to go and look for her, so she never stayed in one spot for too long. she fled her home… she could tell that he was close on her trail, she knew she had to run again, she was weak and tired, she was starving… she had little money, she knew she couldn't get a job, because she couldn't stay in one spot for too long.

She knew that he cared for her, and he would of easily forgave her, but she has also hurt herself, she swore to keep away from all of her friends, so she would never hurt them again.

Her family was worried for her, because she was gone for a few weeks... She knew that he wouldn't give up on her, she hated herself even more, she was thinking about giving up, but she knew that staying away from her friends would keep them happier, and give them less problems…

She happened to stay in one place too long, because she saw him… He made eye contact with her and started to run after her, she ran off and found a place that she could hopefully lose him… Off into the woods, it was foggy, lots of trees and cover… She took a sharp turn and lost him.

She heard him run off, he wasn't going to give up, she felt bad for ditching him in the woods… She thought to herself and realised that he could get lost, or attacked by something, but yet again she thought, what if.

she decided to go after him… He was sitting on a rock next to the river, he was watching the current, she slowly approached him, she suddenly stopped, she thought to herself, “i swore to keep away from my friends”. He must of heard her come up behind him, he turns around and gets up, she panics and runs off, he chases after her...’’’

Part 2

She eventually lost him, she fell to the ground, she began to cry… she thought to herself, “Why do i have to be the way I am?” Upset of her leaving and running off into cold dark forest, only thinking of worst that could happen to her. He tries to follow her trail, uncertain that he will find her. He walks deep into dark forest constantly foggy as she lays there still crying, with cut of falling to the ground slowly crawling to try to hide from him thinking to herself “why do I have to be this way, why do I hurt people close to me, I am not sure who I am” looking around cold and hungry and finds a small cave hole bleeding leaving little trails of blood. Finally enters the dark scary cave with no lights tries to remain quite uncertain of anything in cave. As he still searches, he thinks to himself “she may have hurt me, but she’s still my best friend, I may not forgive her but I can’t let anything happen to her”


As her stomach growls so hungry getting weak and tired but making sure she doesn’t stay in one spot. Worries about her cut but has nothing to wound it with, but stays mad at herself hitting her head gently thinking “why, why I lost my best friend the only one that understood who I was one that didn’t care who I was” as little bugs start to crawl on her she freaks out still crying gets up and limping walks out of the cave as it starts to rain. She worries about him but doesn’t want to hurt him anymore, as it gets colder and raining. She slowly walks to another spot trying to get out of forest, really thinking about if he’s ok. She trips over a log scratching her other leg “I must deserve this since I hurt my best friend” gets up walking slowly trying to find her way out. As he wanders through forest he notice little blood on the floor. As he gets really worried getting teary he thinks the worst could of happen to her.


He sits there wondering about her as it storms and rains showing flow of blood he tries to follow it hoping that it keeps thundering, even if it hits him. He finds the blood vanish in front of cave, he worries but thinks she could be in the cave. He looks at the cave scared and taking a deep breath, walks into it no flash light no nothing, he yells out her name in the cave, as he hears nothing but his echo voice. He gets more worried knowing she’s cold and

hungry. Sitting there thinking out loud “I don’t care what she did, anymore I just want her back safe and I would go to ends of earth for my beloved friend.

She heard a voice echoing and thinks it could be him, looks back but keeps walking to get out. Here's a snake and gets super scared still walking as she sees it’s just a harmless snake.  As her stomach growls more she notice a bush of fruit as it thunders showing her the path. She stops and thinks “it may not be safe to eat but I have to eat something and quick”. She takes 5 little pieces of blueberries and walks eating them, still limping. She feels her stomach feeling a little better having a little energy keeps walking only knowing now that the thunder is showing her ways but only having a second to glance where to go, she keeps going.

As he still sits there crying, thinking “I love her, I don’t know why after all hurt she did to me I love her more than anything she’s not a just a best friend to me but someone I love”. Gets up wiping tears away and starts looking for her again.

Part 3

She continues on the path, she's running out of energy,  the rain made the ground muddy, she slips and then gets back up, she was covered in mud. She continued down the path, she came acrossed a steep hill, she looks down and saw it went down pretty far. She knew that she had to keep going, because he was still following her… She sits on the ground and slides down, she made it down with a few minor scratches,  she gets up and takes off her jacket, it was coated in mud, it was also too heavy. She continued on, she was cold and officially lost. She heard something  shuffling around in the cover, she was scared, and it was definitely after her…

hang on going to copy all this

As a shrub starts to move around shaking as she gets scared still hoping her life wont end. She tries to back up but she cant. As she looks terrified, she thinks to herself I am sorry for what I did to my best friend. As it gets louder getting close growling. He sees her and slides down jumping in front of her. As she looks at him feeling relief but scared please be careful He looks back and grabs a piece of wood from ground. As a lion jumps out as he pushes the lion back, with its teeth sharp showing them to him and growling. As she backs up a little the lion trys to jump at him pinning him down, as he pushes the lion up. The lion pushes the wood down ready to bite him. She then grabs a piece of stick and stabs it in his eyes. The lion growls and still trying to bite him with one eye. She finds a bigger stick swiping at the lion, as the lion bites her, she stabs the lion with a sharp piece of wood.  The lion runs away, as she faints. He looks at her and he picks her up in his arms. Still lost in the forest walking nowhere. He sees a red truck.

He gets her in the car first as she’s bleeding, he gets in the car and doesn’t find any keys in the car, he then decides to hotwire the car. As the car starts up he drives fast looking in the mirror “hold on”. He sees a cop car, knowing the cops going to follow him. He pulls over safely, as the officer approaches the car he looks at her thinking “I got to hurry”. The officer ask him, “sir do you know why I pulled you over”, he looks back and says “she’s hurting please I need to get to the hospital right away”. He runs to his car driving in front of him as they both race to hospital, finally arriving he gets her and screams “HELP ME”. The nurses grab the girl and walk with him asking what happen. He tells her “she was bitten by a lion” they rush her in back to get her healed.  

He looks down and looks up, thinking to himself “please be ok please”. A doctor comes out and tells the man that “she is ok and everything is fine”. He feels so relived she’s okay. The doctor tells him “you can go and see her she’s in room 24-B second floor. He goes to gift shop and buy’s roses for her looking sad and still worried about how she will react towards him coming up. She wakes up as a nurse is by her side “glad you’re awake”, she looks at her “where am I” ”you are in the hospital sweetheart you suffered from a lions bite”. She looks around “where is he” “the guy I was with” “not really sure hun”. He walks up and ask to see the girl, he walks in as she looks at him crying a lot, he puts the flowers down on her stand. He then sits down and they start talking as she says that she is sorry for everything. As she keeps talking he gets up and she looks at him, he gives her surprise kiss. She gets shocked but closes her eyes and kisses him back. He tells her “I love you and don’t worry about anything I may not forgive you or trust you for now but I couldn’t let my best friend die and couldn’t let someone I love go”. She looks at him crying so much, she grabs him and kisses him more as she blushes and hugs him.





Written by:

Fusion + Kitty.

© Copyright 2018 FusionGhost. All rights reserved.

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