In the earliest age of humanity, a Kingdom, that spanned across the globe was in disarray due to an everlasting war between the Royal family and a group known as the Others. But when the King and Queen are expecting their first heir, they have to go into hiding because of the magical properties the Twins bear: power.

The Others, however, discover the new information, devising a plan straight away, and somehow, snatching the Twins from their hidden location just over a year after their birth. While using their gift, the leader of the Others, eventually learns how to break through the protective enchantments surrounding the royal embankment and they proceed to defeat the King and Queen once and for all, ultimately gaining the throne.

Meanwhile, the Royal Protector, Braxton Bridgeway, spies on the Others' meetings, revealing their schemes in full. As soon as it is finished, Braxton returns to the King and Queen, bringing with him the urgent news of their actions. They then decide their next step, asking for opinions from a Seer and a Time Traveler.

To the Others' dismay, the castle had been vacated upon their arrival. Where did the King, the Queen, their Protector, and the rest of the inhabitants disappear to? And how would they find them to finish what they had started? Are the Royals and their followers safe or would the Others finally suceed after years of fighting?


~future author

Table of Contents

Chapter One

"Invisible Magic" Chapter One: The night was calm. There wasn't a single breeze drifting through the cool summer air or an animal... Read Chapter