I want you back (inspired by Not your fault)

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It's not your fault

Submitted: June 25, 2013

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Submitted: June 25, 2013



I was sitting in the park with my girlfriend. I was screaming and yelling at her for letting guys stare at her. Regina was crying. her blonde hair swept in her face. Regina walking away slowly. You thought to yourself Why am I ywlling at her? she's a ten and I'm a one. starting to run to her house to say it isn't her fault. you knock onthe door. Her mom answers. you ask:

"Can I see Regina?"

"Alex I don't think that's a good idea." *shuts the door*

Alex starts walking down to the lake cying. I screwed this all up thought alex to himself.It wasn't her fault it was yours. Tryungn to call and text her but no response. Starting to feel angry at yourself. Walking home slowly but is past your curfew, trying to sneak in your house. You sneak in your window and cry. you check your phone agai n but tere was no text. you weep and tur on  your radio so that nobody can hear you crying. Finally falling asleep. you wake up at 2:00pm. the irst thing ou do is check your phone. Ther was a text you quickly presed view now. He smiled the text was fom Regina. The ext said: Sorry I was being annoying and stupid. He quickly texted: It isn't your fault. and baby I just want to tell you its not your fault. She texted back: Oh. I guess. we should hang out today. He texted back: When? She texted: right now if you can. he quicky got dressed and pt on s eyeliner etc. He ran to her house. She was already standing outside. They linked arms and smiled at eachoter. For te first time ever he said " I love you!" Regina smiled and said "I love you to.

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