Sad story

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Submitted: May 08, 2013

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Submitted: May 08, 2013



Penelope was walking down the school halls. she was crying like usual. it was the same story. she got bullied. she had one friend his nam was matthew. He had red hair with a lip piercing. he asked WHy she was crying. she said people say i have herpes. Matthew Asks who the heck said that? I wanna know now! Penelope said Brittany. Mattthew walked up to brittany, that perfect little blonde. he said you better know it off ort I will beat you up. you little spolied brat! brittany said hit me than! Matthew hit her. and slammed her in the locker, and beat her u, throwing punches, kicking her. she wass crying. When Mattthew was fginished beating her up, he said next time don't mess with her. Matthew kept getting hates, and everyone spreaded rumers he was going to jail. He didnt care. He loved penelope. Matthew came up to penelope and said if Brttany messes wit you again Tell me!. ok said Penelope. Penelope started to have feelings for matthew. She was starting to love him. SHe asked him out. he smiled and said Yes of course. I love you. they both smiled, and brittany left the alone.

Brittany though, kept saying Mattew was cheating on her, which ade Matthew mad, so he walked up to her, and said do I need to beat you up again? your a lil brat! who will never get a boyfriend. lave me annd Penlope alone.We love eachother.GOT IT?

BRittany rolled her eyes and Pushed him he couldn't take it anymore He punched her in the face. He slammed her in the locker pulled out a knife and sabbed her. he took tthe knife out letting her cry and weep and die slowly.

he smiled and laughed and went to hug Penelope and they rsan all the way to his house

An half on hr later she was dead, the police went to her school, and since nobody liked her, tey didn't say anything.SOon matthew was the most poplular kid at school.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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