My Krush Groove

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My feelings about my Krush Groove... not in entirety.

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



People who only see your outter has been misled,

for its behind your forehead what im attracted to instead. 

Many Him's before said the door is between the thighs,

for I know its through the eyes.

Your ability to navigate though lies,

the way the sun hit 'em...your ability to stop time.

I digress, my intrest beyond sex...

beyond those kisses on your neck.

With 20/20 vision I can see things clear,

see sex can last 30 seconds but a friendship 30 years.

I hear you loud and clear when you speak, because i want to.

You're a treasure to say the least.

A feast of intellect stems from the kitchen of your soul,

in a world so cold Im glad

someone offers warmth.

Mother and creator, beautiful innovator... know one holds my attention like you.

A queen will reamain on top.... this is true.

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