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Two Sisters name May and April are made in a lab as super humans with powers, I only finish first part if people like the idea then I'll make more! (Still new at this writing thing so sorry if bad, tips are always invited!) Thanks for reading!

Submitted: July 10, 2016

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Submitted: July 10, 2016



“Dr. Kane, There something happening with project six and seven!” Said a nurse that Kane didn’t really know or cared for. What he did care for is what is happening to his newest projects. Dr. Kane was a man in his twenties and had been working on his ‘project’ for three years. He was trying to make a human weapon, like a human with powers. Once there was a special kind of chemical that was found to give humans amazing power fly, x-ray vision, teleportation and much more. It was called M-HI, why, Because it sounded cool, like a lot of things when they are named. Even with these powers, it would only be a day when the human would die, because the body would not be able to handle the strain that it was going, though. So it was banned from use, Dr. Kane job was to make a human to withstand the strain and stay alive. All project have failed excepted six and seven. The stated physically alive in their test tubes and have not broken down. Only thing was they were not mentally alive they never woke up and only stayed alive on the equipment. Scared of what has happened to the subjects like them breaking down and all work has been for nothing and having to make a new human body on top of it! 

All fear turn to excitement when he saw the subjects moving, looking at each other, breathing on their own. He felt happiness fill his body, he went to the control manual and let them out as fast he could. He watched six also know as April, slowly come out of the tube and start to walk. She had extreme power level as well as had one strongest bodies Kane has ever made. She had red eyes and dark black hair that went to her back she was a tall almost five-six. Dr. Kane looked over to see seven A.K.A May she was half size of April her body was extremely fragile and he was shocked to find May body staying together as she tried to stand. She had soft green eyes and long brown hair. April body was made to be around sixteen but her brain was just like a toddler's or animals, which surprise Dr. Kane for she was not made to learn, but April was walking and saying, “Hungry, food.”

 She never even woke up meaning she was listening to us as her brain was not active or she was awake without anybody realizing she was and learn by listening! Either way, it was amazing that she was learning first place he only made her withstand M-HI. Everyone was in rush cheering and smiling gratefully that April and May worked. April decided that she wasn’t feeling the party so she laid on the ground and fell asleep not even caring about all doctors that trying to give her a check up. She only laid there hoping that people leave her alone and let her sleep. You could her nurse Kate yell, “Seven, get up we need a check up! Can you even hear me, I mean you can talk so you know what I’m saying! So April be a good little girl and get up and do the check up please!”

May on other hand having a body of ten years old she didn’t have her sisters smarts she was babbling like a baby and trying to stand but falling in the process, but her energy was much higher as she would stand run off and then fall as doctors and nurse try to stop her. They tried to keep her sitting, but in five seconds May gets bored go off on her adventure and doctors watched her fall aging. Then she saw April and decided it would be fun wake her up. She had managed to make there and then poked April's face as she was trying to talk to April. Like magic April eyes flutter open and looked at May who has been jumping up and down for April to do something. April then sat up grabbed May put her in her lap and let May rest on her, she looked at the doctors and then fell back to sleep. 

Seeing this would be the only chance to do the check up they try grabbing May, but April looked up eyes red ready to attack. Everyone backed away excepted for Dr. Kane he was walking right to the girls, April's eyes got brighter, but Kane knew that April didn’t know how to use her powers. As he got closer he got to his desk and pulled out two collars then continued until he was in front of the girls. April now was standing in front of May who still asleep. she growled trying to scare Kane, but Kane punched her out the way, so hard that April hit the wall. Putting one collar on May he pulled out a little remote from his lab coat and he shocked May, her screams echoed through the halls as May struggled to take the collar off. April stopped attacking and let the collar on her, Kane walked away from the sobbing child curled up on the floor. April ran to May side to try and help the sobbing child by holding her and rocking May slowly. As Kane walked out he said in deep, sad tone, “I hate to hurt you but I need you be good, I am sorry, but you have much more pain to come, This not for me but for people I love, you would do the same.”

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