The Abyss

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
I wrote this for a college level creative writing course, but I never got feedback from my teacher as I turned it in towards the end of the semester. I don't consider myself as much of a writer, but I enjoyed writing this piece and like it. So I'm looking for any feedback I can get, thank you.

Submitted: January 28, 2015

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Submitted: January 28, 2015




Chapter 1: Night 12,621

The floorboard creaked underneath my weight. Startled, I took a step back as the hardwood floor moaned, settling back into place. I knew every single inch of this house, and I knew for a fact this floorboard never creaked. Little details like this, almost insignificant things, let me know that this wasn’t the real world, but a fake world formed somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind, like a dream. It is easy to confuse which world I was in at any given moment. Like a checklist in my head, I would search for things out of place. For example: the old grandfather clock at the end of the hall, with its pendulum still swinging, but time standing still, the number of candles on the wall, or the nub on my hand from a finger that I lost from an infection, being on my right hand when it had been on my left hand my whole life. The smallest things that I take for granted being out of place is what let me know. I looked down the hallway watching for movement. Nothing ever moved, ever, but I always felt like something would. That one of the doors to the hallway would open revealing a face, or some kind of monster. It was for that very reason that I always felt like I was being watched.

My bedroom was at the end of this long hallway, which in the daytime seemed safe, but during nighttime you couldn’t even see the end of it. It seemed to stretch on and on, and shadows were cast everywhere. Having such a large imagination it was easy to convince myself that these shadows weren’t cast from normal objects, but were something otherworldly. Every time I blinked it seemed as if they would move. I studied the floorboard where my foot had just been, that made the house groan in protest. This time I move my foot over a place that always creaked, but as my foot stepped onto it, I felt the board shift downward, but it didn’t make a sound. The silence was probably the most unsettling thing about it. I continued to take more steps on the floorboards that should have made sound, but all I was left with was silence. I was so focused on my task of getting to my room, measuring out each step that I didn’t realize that right to my side was a door, cracked open. Half hidden behind that dusty wooden door was a face — my sister’s face. A slight groan escaped my body, as it tightened so hard I expected my muscle to tear away. Slipping its way through the crack in the door was her hand, reaching for mine. My arms refused to move as if they were locked in place, and my mind threw the key away. Her ice cold hand slipped around my wrist, gently pulling me into the darkness beyond the door. The door creaked open, sharing in my distaste for the moment. Hidden behind the door, was the other half of her face, almost unrecognizable. Burnt tissue revealed muscle, and the skin around the eye was gone, making it seem wider, staring deep into me.

“Adrian, come with me. I finally cleaned my room like dad asked. Do you think he will like it?”

With each word, I saw the muscle around her mandible move underneath the charred skin. Her hand left mine, and without breaking eye contact, she moved back behind the door away from me, her arm still stretched out as if I was meant to follow. She moved in such an unnatural way, her feet didn’t seem to move, nor did her body. She glided back, the darkness swallowing her up. I stared as all of her disappeared behind the shadows, sliding over her face, down onto her outstretched arm, continuing until her fingers ceased to exist. I closed the door.


Chapter 2: Night 12622

I opened the door. The long hallway of Grand Ridge high school stretched out before me. I must have been late because there was no one walking around. This place I dreaded more than any other place. Stepping inside, the atmosphere changed. The air was dry; inhaling was a challenge. On either side of me were rows and rows of dusty lockers. I made my way down the hallway. With each step the linoleum flooring exploded with sound that echoed down the hall as if to give my position away. I crept up passed the first two classrooms. Past the glassed windows on the doors were eyes, almost expecting me. If I peered into one classroom, I could feel the unsettling glare from behind me in the other. Simultaneously they all stood up. This sudden movement seemed to set my body back in motion. My steps were more panicked now, and the echoes in turn were louder. The doors opened behind me. My echoes were now joined by the steps behind me. I passed more classrooms and was met by more eyes. The sound of doors, accompanied by, what seemed like, millions of feet pounding behind me. I was in a full sprint now, down to the end this endless hallway, covering my hands over my ears to hush the deafening sound. I dared to look behind me. Nothing, nothing at all, but the thunderous steps of people approaching still boomed. I fell to my knees, as it reached me. The steps were replaced with laughter — laughter from every direction, but without a source.

“Stop…” I begged. I clenched my hands tighter around my ears, and collapsed to the floor. “Please…” It was merciless. I laid there for an hour until they got bored and left.

The bell rang. In a knee jerk reaction I stood up as the doors opened and people funneled into the hallway. I tried to wipe some dried tears away, but I looked down to my hands, under each nail was dried blood from clenching too hard on my ears. Two girls who were walking together passed by and looked at me confused, but continued without saying a word. I shoved my hand in my pockets and walked in the opposite direction. I told myself to just act normal, but it wasn’t working. The people who passed me all shared that same look of confusion, whispers would be spread, and then they would go on their way. I came up to a bathroom, and swung the door open. I made eye contact with a guy in there. He seemed concerned about my situation.

“Hello.” I smiled at him so he wouldn’t look so worried, but the look on his face changed. He seem startled and scared. “I’m okay, honestly, a little accident.” I lied. He backed a step away from me. He then watched me nervously and walked around the outer edge of the bathroom to stay as far away as possible from me. I gave up on him and walked up to the sink. I heard the door open and then close behind him. I looked down into the sink and started washing my hands under the warm water. It calmed me down and for the first time today I actually felt okay. I washed the blood away from underneath all of the nails except the nub on my right hand. I knew exactly where I was. I looked up at the mirror into my reflection, but it wasn’t mine. It couldn’t have been. I’ll admit the body in the reflection was mine, but the eyes weren’t mine. They didn’t belong to me. I stared into the eyes that looked so furiously at me. Bright red eyes with a slit for a pupil, something monstrous.

Chapter 3: Night 12623

The kitchen door creaked open slightly as I pressed my face up against the crack to look in. My mother, who was hunched over a cutting board singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow, cocked her head and caught my eyes. She paused for a moment, and the knife in her hand caught the light. She broke from my eyes first and then continued singing from where she left off. I watched for a minute waiting for something to happen. Her shoulders lifted as she inhaled, and sunk lower than they were previously as she exhaled with a sigh.

“Well, are you just going to stand there and watch or are you going to help?” I pushed past the door and into the warm kitchen, happy to have been called in. “Sweety, would you go into the cellar and grab me a pound of beef from the freezer? I’m a little behind schedule.”

My mother and I both glanced over as the cellar door swung open on its own accord. “Go on.” She said nodding her head at the door. As I stood under the door way looking down the stairs I saw someone who looked strangely familiar. In fact he was so familiar I could have sworn it was mirror image of me.

“Things will get better.” My mom whispered behind me. I turned back to look at her, but she was already back to her work, singing her tune.

I descended down the stairs, step by step leading me closer to this copy of me, and further away from the warmth and comfort of the kitchen. My hand was firmly clasped around the handrail. As I got closer my twin started to walk backwards. Every time my foot reached for a new step he reached backwards a step, glaring at me all the time. I stood on the last step, as he stood with his back to a large white sheet that was covering some tall object. His eyes carried a weight to them. I felt them peering through into my head. Defiantly I stamped my foot onto the cement floor. A grin stretched across his face, and the corners of his mouth inched up revealing a devilish smile. He stepped backwards, fading into the sheet — I charged at it. My arms reached to the top of the white sheet, and dragged it down. The sheet seemed to stretch on forever. I pulled more and more of the sheet over the top of whatever was underneath, but with each pull there didn’t seem to be an end to it. I couldn’t contain my anger, I reached towards the middle of the sheet and dug my hands into the fabric. I ripped the sheet with a fierce pull outwards. Behind it was a full length mirror, missing my reflection. I backed up and walked towards the freezer.

I lifted the latch to the freezer. The cool air forced its way out and onto my skin. I couldn’t tell if the goose bumps were from the cold, or from what had just happened. I reached in and grabbed the frozen beef. My fingertips embraced the cold and wrapped around the packaging. I lowered the door and closed the latch sealing in the cold. I glanced over at the mirror, which stood there reflection-less. The sheet at the foot of the mirror stirred. From the middle of the bundle something rose, and kept rising until it reached my height. Time stood still for minute as I waited for something to happen. When nothing did I began to inch my way towards it. Towards what I knew to be me. Every inch closer I got I could hear from underneath the sheet short frantic breaths. Towards the top of the sheet, where the mouth would be, the sheet would move in and out with each sporadic breath. The breathing turned to moaning, and then yelling. By the time I was within arm’s reach of it, it was screaming at the top of its lungs. I reached towards the top and grabbed a handful of the sheet.

“DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE.” Those five words screamed six times in my voice underneath the sheet before it collapsed. I held onto the top of the sheet, but there was nothing underneath anymore.

“There you are.” My mom stepped from the last step of the stairs onto the cement, looking at me still holding the sheet up. “What are you doing? You can’t tell me you’re still afraid of the basement. Believe me sweety if there is anything down here at all it’s in your head.”

My hand dropped the sheet. It sunk to the floor erasing anything that might have been there before. Her arm reached out and took the frozen meat that was still in my other hand.

“Dinner will be ready soon, so go wash up.” She began her way up the stairs softly singing. “Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly, and the dreams that you dreamed of, dreams really do come true.”

Chapter4: Night 12624

The bell rang, and jolted me awake. My eyes focused on where I was. Slowly a picture formed in my head, I was at school. I wiped the corner of my mouth of the remnants of drool and rubbed my eyes. Everyone else in the class room was picking up their things and leaving. I looked down at the desk where my notebook was. Drawn on it was me, but with angry eyes and that evil grin I had seen. I closed it quickly and packed up my things. The room was empty now, even the teacher was gone. Down the row of empty chairs across to the door, I left the empty room and closed the door.

“Hey there.” Came a girl’s voice from behind me. I turned around and met her soft blue eyes. She was slightly shorter than me, long brown curls draped down the sides of her face. Flashing her dazzling teeth she asked, “I was wondering if you wanted to eat lunch with me? I’m going back behind the school to eat.”

My heart raced at the thought of it. My eyes met her shoes and I could feel my cheeks heating up creating a bright red color. Without waiting for an answer she took my hand and led me down the hallway. My hand was a sweaty mess in her soft gentle hand, but she didn’t seem to mind. She never stopped smiling the whole way. Midway down a hallway from around a corner came my twin. He turned towards us and didn’t move. The girl didn’t seem to notice him, even though he was looking right at her. She walked straight towards him, I hesitated for a second. All it took was a quick look from her, and a small tug of my hand to get me moving again. We reached my twin, and like if he wasn’t even there, she walked straight through him. As he moved through her body he disappeared, leaving nothing. Her smile made me forget it even happened, or that he was even there in the first place.

We reached the doors to the outside. She pushed them open and we walked out into the light. On the ground to our left was a brown bag. She sat herself down next to it, and me next to her. She pulled out a sandwich and broke it in half. One half she gave to me, and the other half she kept for herself. As she took a bite she raised her hand in front of her mouth as if she was embarrassed for me to see her eat. Her shoulders lifted and then sunk back down. A sound left her mouth. More violently her shoulders shook. She was laughing, she wasn’t hiding her eating, she was muffling her laughter. She moved her hand away and looked up squealing with laughter. Tears left her eyes, part of me wanted to join in with her laughter, but I didn’t know what was so funny. Without warning she turned to me and leaned in like she was going to kiss me. For that moment she stopped laughing and without hesitation I leaned in too as my eyes closed. A quick slap to the face forced my eyes open again. The laughter started up again, and the doors to our right opened. From the doors came three people. Three people I knew very well. Jack, Dominic, and Nick emerged from the school. They stood over me, blocking out the light, as the laughter continued, harder now. In that instant my heart sank, I was on my feet immediately, running away from this all. I heard a pair of feet behind me, but I didn’t dare to look. In my head I counted out the steps, his feet were moving faster than mine. For ever two steps I took, I heard three behind me. Before I knew it there were hands around my shoulders pulling me back. My legs desperate to leave this place flew forward as the top of my body went back. My head cracked on the asphalt. Everything went bright. My head was dizzy and I couldn’t tell what was going on. Feet and fists met my sides. My body hurt everywhere, and all I could hear was laughter.


Chapter 5: Night 12625

Glass shattered. The sharp sound jolted my body awake, my mind was foggy from being forced into consciousness. People were yelling, whom I soon realized to be my dad and mom. I slipped my legs out from under the covers. It was cold, so I pulled the blanket over my shoulders like a robe. More glass broke. I could hear my mother retaliating with words sharper than the glass on the ground

“John we’re leaving! I’m taking the kids and we’re going to leave you. Forever. I tried, and tried, but you lost your chance.” Her voice was shaky and unsure.

“Where the fuck are you going to go Jenny, to your mother’s house? Good luck, that old witch of a woman hates you as much as I do.”

I softly opened the door and peered down the hallway. My sister was standing outside of her door with her head down, hair draped over her face. I moved towards her; soft muffled cries escaped her lips. She was trembling. I lifted my blanket over her and reached for her hand. Her shaking fingers intertwined with mine. We turned towards her room, opened the door, and closed it behind us. Let the adults deal with their problems — in this room we were safe. This was our sanctuary. We walked over to her bed which was pushed against a wall. She crawled on and laid snug against the wall. I laid down next to her, creating a barrier between the door and her. Our hands were still holding each other. Crack — down the hall we heard the sound of wood cracking. It was my door no doubt. Frantic footsteps, from my dad’s boots echoed around the house. When he hadn’t found what he was looking for, things got thrown around — against the walls, through the windows, or down at the wooden floor. Her hand tightened around mine. Through the noise I heard her take in a quick breath and hold it there, as if by being silent we could hide and no one would find us. Down the hall came those thundering boots. The door to our sanctuary broke on the second push. My father came charging into the room, grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to the floor. My sister’s hand was ripped from mine. I heard her cry out. My father’s knee found my gut as he put his weight over me, hands still on my shoulders holding them down. His face got closer to mine. The strong smell of booze escaped his mouth as it opened.

“Did you hear all that son? Your mother wants to take you away from me! Ha! As if I’d let her, but I know you wouldn’t leave me. You hate her just as much as I do don’t you. You’d never let her take you from me.” The smell of his breath combined with the force of his knee on my gut; my stomach wretched, spilling my insides out, over my throat, down the side of my neck. Rage filled in his eyes. My sister was screaming and sobbing on top of the bed. His knee left my stomach, and his hands loosened from my shoulders. A fist came down inches from my head, punishing the floor. It hurt, I’m sure. He winced from the pain. It only angered him more. From over me, as he moved away from me I saw my twin was standing behind him. Watching over as he was on top of me, staring with his red catlike eyes. They followed my dad out of the room, where he want to take out the rest of his rage on my mother. I cleaned myself off with my blanket, slipped into my sister’s bed, and held her until we fell asleep. My twin watched us. His eyes never left me.

Chapter 6: Night 12626

Rain was pouring, but it seemed to be raining that much harder over me. It was cold enough that the rain was starting to turn to ice, and each drop would pelt me. I was standing on the sidewalk in front of my house. Through the blur of the rain I could see him standing in the window watching me. I already knew they were at it again. It seemed to happen all the time. Through the rain I walked to the front door — it was locked. I rattled the door handle for someone to open it, but no one would. My parents could barely listen to each other when they fight let alone hear me rattle the handle. The window pane lifted on my right. Out stretched a familiar hand. I took it, and it pulled me up with a strength that I didn’t expect. This was my dad’s office. I was never allowed in her, yet here I was. Standing dripping wet next to my twin. He smiled at me. I smiled back. My mother screamed from the kitchen. It didn’t faze me. No one knew I was here. I had left school early, skipping out during lunchtime. My twin reached out his hand, which I took. He led me across the room still smiling. We stopped in front of a locked cabinet. He produced a key from his pocket. Inside the cabinet was his hunting rifle, which hadn’t been used in years. The key fit perfectly into the lock. He twisted it until it clicked open. Gently, he reached in and picked up the gun, and outstretched his hand. Without hesitation I took it. It was heavier than I had expected. Inside the cabinet were shells. I took them into my hand. My twin taught me how to load the gun, and aim; I was pretty good at it.

It was my turn this time. I put on my father’s boots, and paraded around the living room, crashing over furniture, stamping the boots into the ground. My twin joined it, tossing pictures, breaking glass. It was great fun. Then I marched up to the kitchen door. We slammed it open at the same time. The wood cracked right up the middle, and the doorframe broke. I stood in the doorway looking at my dad standing over my mom. He didn’t even look up. On the ground was my mom, throat slit, slipping blood on the floor. Her dead eyes looking at her hands, covered in blood, with a surprised expression on her face. I suppose she thought he would never do it. It was only a threat, but she didn’t know the monster that he was. The monster that consumed so many people I knew. I shot up at the ceiling to grab my father’s attention. The force of the gun knocked my shoulder back. The sound rang in my ears, deafening. He turned towards me as I loaded another shell into the gun. I lowered my eyes to the top of the barrel lining up the sight onto my father’s forehead. His mouth twitched open like he was about to say something. I pulled back my finger and put a hole in his head. He fell to the ground with that same dumb, surprised look my mother had on her face. They, for the first time seemed like they actually belonged together. I left out the front door. My twin wasn’t with me anymore, but I wasn’t afraid. Into the pouring rain I left. I was on a mission. I had to protect my sister from the monsters of the world.

Chapter 7: Day 12627

There was a bang on the cell door. I shook my head awake from my dream. A tray had been slipped under the door with food on it. Along with the tray was more chalk. The security guard smiled at me and walked away. Most inmates were allowed to eat in a lunch room, or go outside for recreation, but not me, and for a good reason. The guard was named Tom McTern. He was in his mid-thirties, and soft spoken, but firm in the way he carried himself. He was one of the few people who were nice to me, he would bring me chalk so I had something to do. I stood up, the chains around my wrists and feet rattled. Chalked dust spilled off of my orange jumpsuit which, from its use, was now a dull faded orange. I made my way over to the tray and took the chalk into my dusty dry hands. From out of my pocket I pulled a wrinkled piece of paper. It was a newspaper clipping, one of the few possessions I had.

Adrian Matrin, a young boy of 15, was found in a bathroom of Grand Ridge Highschool holding his father’s hunting rifle. Shots had been reported, and when police arrived they found three bodies of students in an English classroom. When they found Adrian Martin he was standing in the mirror repeating the words ‘it was me’ over and over. Police later went to the Martin residence to find that he had shot his father, Johnathon Martin, in the head. The wife Jennette Martin had her throat slit. Police aren’t sure yet if the mother was killed by the father or the son. Their daughter Lily Martin was found in her room crying. Police were able to detain Adrian without a struggle. Adrian is going to be put on trial this coming November.”

The article went on with more details and scenarios for why this had happened and what lead up to it. The trial had gone on for almost a year where the jury deemed me insane, and sent me to St. Elizabeth’s psychiatric hospital.

I folded the paper back up and pushed it into my pocket delicately to not tear the worn paper, and walked up to the chalk covered wall. I lifted my hand and wrote on the wall while saying, “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” Just like I had done twelve thousand six hundred and twenty-seven times before.

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