Speak to me, scream at me

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Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012



Speak to me just to speak to me,  let's feel all the ideas of the unseen, my heart upon my sleeve,  my broken breath trying to leave me, salty tears burning the wounds that have been inflicted. Another lonely night,  this empty white page, has seen more and more of me,  this pen engraving my desires and dreams,  if only they would come true,  if only you'd see I'd rather die than not be with you Another useless argument,  who's right, I'm wrong,  you win this fight,  The years blurring my sight,  you Told me you had to go,  how stupid was I,to not see that you were already long gone. The shards of my heart cutting into my soul, It hurts, but if never felt more alive, I love the pain it means I'm alive,  the blood that I've spilled over our dead relationship, hoping that it would come back to life, I can't give you the world,  but here, you can take what's left of my heart, I can live off the scars and memories,  The laughs and the gaiety,  the memories of when I was with you, Even if you scream at me,  I dont mind,  cause atleast I get to hear your voice.  Through all this I just want you to know, That forever and always I will love you

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