Forever, I do

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They say love conquers all, but have you ever questioned what 'all' entails? Does it include death, or is that just a detail?

Lorraine never thought that it would come to this, and now she is faced with the most difficult thing in her life.

Desolation and pain has a name, after all.

Submitted: July 14, 2013

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Submitted: July 14, 2013



“Please don’t leave” The whisper was barely audible, and it was laced with a pain that broke the hearts of the hospital staff nearby.

Ms. Lorraine Beckett was a small woman in her late 20’s. Her fiance, Ethan Bordeaux lay in the nondescript bed, his breath was slow and was obviously a struggle, the beeps of the machines nearby were echoing loudly in the room, causing everyone to flinch ,just a little, each time. They were getting steadily slower, as his eyes fell onto her.

The room watched in quiet despair as Ethan brought his hand weakly to his fiance's face. Lorraine let her eyes flutter close, and shut them tight to block out the tears that wanted to run down her face. Her teeth worried her lip so much that they began to bleed

“Sweetheart...” his voice cracked with the effort, his face contorted into a grimace, but he continued on “I will never leave you.” His eyes took on a strength that everyone but she saw, the truth was evident -- he never would leave her. His hand faltered and Lorraine’s hand shot up to cover it; to keep it against her. The pain was evident in her face but she opened her eyes.

The brown orbs were dull and torture ridden, they appeared gaunt and dark.

The water pooled in her eyes and made the brown color swim. Her cheeks were damp with tears and her eyelashes were clumped together.


Ethan watched her with his nearly violet eyes, a concern deeper than anything anyone else had ever thought possible shining through his eyes.

His hand motioned her to his side, the room was quiet with anticipation. Lorraine carefully settled next to him on the hard bed then curled her body around his as she had for the past few weeks.

Her head fell to the crook of his neck.


The beeps seemed to drone on, they seemed to steal the air of the room. The line was now moving slower accompanied with the beeps that were now also becoming slower. The staff hung their head in a show of respect for their privacy.

Ethan dipped his head low and inhaled the scent of her shampoo, the cherry scent that he had always adored bathing his senses.

His hand reached up to her hip and rested there. His lips pressed gently against her head. His voice was rough, but clear as he whispered two simple words. The room went quiet for an extended 10 seconds before the obnoxious beep turned steady.

The green line on the screen dropped into a flat, straight line and the air whooshed out of everyone in attendance as the line just kept going.


“Call it. Time of death: 9:23 pm, Tuesday the seventeenth, in June of 2012.” The doctors quiet voice broke through the room and the nurses nodded then moved out of the room.


The good doctor looked at the woman, her head was against the mans chest. Her sobs contorted her face and sounded through the room. She appeared too tired and emotionally drained to even move, and Doctor Jackson didn’t have the heart to have her move yet. His face showed a sympathy and pain, but he shook his head and walked out the door, leaving Lorraine and Ethan together.

Alone at last.


Lorraine felt his body go cold, she had felt the breath leave his body and she couldn’t bring herself to do anything but cry. The sobs hurt her, they tore through her chest in a violent manner.


“Darling, me too.” She murmured quietly through her tears. “I do... I always do, I always will. I love you forever.”

She leaned up and stared at his grey face, his eyes were closed and a sad but peaceful look resided on his face. She pressed a kiss to his cheek, before setting her head back onto his chest.

Her face and lips were damp, and Lorraine couldn’t care less.

His last words echoed through the empty, silent room.


They almost taunted her, they were the best words in her life, but also the most painful of all words to hear.

“I do.”

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