King of Kings

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A poem I wrote a very long time ago. Don't know what inspired this but I was proud of it.

Submitted: February 04, 2008

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Submitted: February 04, 2008



Beseech the Gods and all of man
To dwell near water live and on land
The sea so solemnly calls to me
No matter where it is that they might be
They hear the call and sing in joy
For now they see the destined boy

So quietly they depart to let him lie
Days come so quick and soon pass by
Thy heart will fall of God and man
Give back to the skies, water and land
The boy has all but grown to manhood
Yet still destined he is to do what he should

Bow all ye to him and let it be known
The king of kings to us has been shown
Yet evil still his heart resides
Never does that he try to hide
Yet still women the man’s heart calm
And salve his heart like an ointment balm

Her beauty far exceeds any other
Yet protect she is by her older brother
The destined must gain his trust
Or he will die with a single sword thrust
Her brother to her is so dear
To leave him she would shed a tear

“Don’t be afraid my maiden fair,
Just climb aboard my beauteous mare
Thy wings of love will give the flight
And never more does your love plight
I will protect you with all of my heart
My life so dismal could use a different start.”

My life anew with this baby boy
For him was his new life’s joy
The family in vain of course is not
Yet ever was thy untied knot
Yet tied down as you seem to be
Thy family sake for all the world to see

Thy little son with love doth bring
The joy to make your heart sing
They wife so dear as Queen of man
For only she will make the final stand
Her son no longer a baby dear
Will never face the world of fear

A life of lies will soon show through
When you kill her love with the untrue
Your mistress soon will come to show
And all the other things will go
Unfaithful can your mistress be
Yet faithful eyes you’ll never see

Your lust for life hath reached its toll
And all life’s love has become drool
Thy son doth take you up to sword
Yet never will believe your word
For his mother’s heart you doth break
So it will be your life he chooses to take

As the sword goes to your heart
You wonder if you could just restart
For every mistake that you have made
There is a price that must be paid
You cry in disgust at what you are
Yet stare up at the lonely stars

Soon your own son run you through
And see what it is you made untrue
Be still, be calm, don’t you fret
For what you deserve you will surely get
As thy sword comes out with blood
It was then you finally understood

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