Genisis Chapter 1: Incarnite

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This book is going to be more of a Posted by chapter deal. FyreWares is still quite new to its Literature Department, and this will be our main book.

Submitted: April 26, 2015

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Submitted: April 26, 2015



Chapter 1: Incarnite


April 5th, 1999, a young lady and male were on a bridge, both situations quite dire.  The Males story was that his father had recently died after getting into a bar, becoming intoxicated, and got into a fight, in which he got a few bottle of Wine smashed into his head, causing many lashes to be added to his skull, allowing him to bleed out.  The Man was only left with his father, and now is left with no-one.  The Female, lost her family at a young age, in which her parents and sister died in a House fire, which left her with a burn on her shoulder.  They both approached each other and began to speak.

  "Hello", the young boy said Bluntly.   "H-Hi", she said back shivering in the cold, breathe showing in the Streetlight, "Your cold, would you like to come into the cafe with me"?, he continued, also shivering.  "Sure", she said in reply.  They both continued into the 5-Star Dinner and the boy said: "Order whatever you'd like".  She stood stareing at him, and then said: "You know, you brought me here, and I dont even know your name.  Whats your name, Im Sarahphine, but please, call me Sarah".  He then said: "My name is: Damyon Van Espon". He then corrected himself: "But please, call me Damyon".  Then said: "So, why were you on the bridge?", He said Blushing.  She squinted.  "Because I was mourning my families death all over again.  I'm pathetic.  I still feel bad for myself.  Also, why are you blushing?" she said cheeks burning.  "Well, I do this in the presence of a beautiful girl", he said.

  She then decided to order Pancakes.  Then she said: "So, Im hereing you like me.  Is this going to happen like in those graphic novels?  You know, true love at first sight?  I mean, you know..." She trailed off.  "Only if you want it to be", he said cheeks now solid red.

  They then ate and left the restraunt.  They went to his apartment.  He waved to his neighbor, and they both went inside.  "I hope Im not intruding, and isnt it wrong for us to stay together on our first night out?" she said blushing brightly.  "Well, if you make it seem that way".  They both relaxed on the couch, and watched TV, until they got tired.  They headed off to bed.  "Theres only one bed.  If you want, I can sle--", "No, we can sleep together", she cut him off quickly, now quivering with embarrassment.  They both got into bed.  She then got close enough to him he could feel her body heat.  "Um, are you sure this is ok?, he said.  She then silenced him, with a swift kiss on the Lips.  Then she said: "Of course its ok.  If I think it is and you do".  She then kissed him more and more, and then they began getting very hot.  They began to remove each others clothing.  Then, they did what they shouldnt have done, but did anyways to prove there love.

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