Horribly Wonderful

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Visited a muse of mine and wrote this on the way home.

A/N: I know that the title is melodramatic to say the least, but it holds significance for the person I wrote it about and will therefore not be changed.

Submitted: September 25, 2008

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Submitted: September 25, 2008



Horribly Wonderful

Give and take the pained lovers play.

Best to stay away.


So welcome,

come what may.

~ ~ ~

Forlorn looks into her secret lover's eyes.

Fierce and merciless, not what he, the other lover may deserve,

but takes just the same, for his sake, mostly hers.

No matter,forever's beauty noticed, masking the rest, taken in by the lover's own that night.

This feeling of freedom has a value grown too high,

to be spoiled by their reality,outside the room in which they abide.

~ ~ ~

Lust plays a part as the blacks and whites, gray.

Something else, all so sudden, love?

Maybe, maybe one day?

One hopes, while one dreams,

both plead, neither can guarantee.

Better left unsaid, unasked, lying in the unrelenting bed of their making.

~ ~ ~

As bliss and agony create a sorrowful ecstasy,

the sky's light fades,

forcing the lovers, unwilling,

to go their separate ways,

until another fated day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~* ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Endlessly, the want caresses me,

more than a want to satisfy my physical needs.

While I need that thirst slated,

my inward plea is alluring to a different kind of need.

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