Place of Occupation

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I work in a building that is over 100 years old and I love my job, I really do. But I never want to be alone in the building.

Submitted: July 27, 2011

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Submitted: July 27, 2011



I was just wondering, have you ever had a job where there was one specific room that you just didn't feel comfortable in? Where the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up?And your armsbreak out in goosebumps? Where walkingpast the doorway sendssuch a severe shiver down your spine that youare all but convulsing? I have had this feeling in houses and apartments a small handfull of times, but never an office building. Even more, this building was a communitygrocery store until about 60 years ago. I honestly love my job. Nothing bad has ever happened to me here and I never get strange feelings anywhere else in the building.

It is just this one strange restored closet that has the old unfinished brick and pipes showing on all four walls. There is one hanging mirror, and a single light attached to the ceiling that is never very bright, regardless of how new the light bulb is. The door sticks, but only when you are trying to leave this room and never when you are trying to get in. I have seen my fair share of "scary" movies, but I usually don't have any problems with things like this.

It really is awful though. Every time I open the door, I feel like something bad is happening. Or worse, when I am the first one at work and need to go in there for something, I will open the door and have the inexplicable feeling that there is going to be someone hanging from the exposed pipes on the ceiling. I don't know how to explain it, but it truly is the damndest of feelings.

Opening the door and turning on the light as fast as I can have helped a little, but I can honestly say that it is only for show that I have been even that brave. Were it not for the fear that the people I work withwould relentlessly tease me about my unfounded fears, I would never enter this room. I wouldn't even walk down the hall that it is in. However, since my coworkers would incessantly tease me about such childish fears, I put on a brave face and just open the door and switch on the lights making a little bit more noise andwith a little bit more force than absolutely neccessary.

I don't know why I get that feeling. When I ask around my work, or around town, no one seems to have any idea whether or not something bad ever happened in that room, or in the building at all for that matter. But I really think something had to have happened there. Unexplained, irrational fear is one thing unto itself. Specific, albeit - at this point - irrational fear, is something a little different. I don't feel like I will see a gremlin or that the walls are going to close in on me. I just always feel that I am going to open the door and walk in on someone that has committed suicide. And I don't get that feeling around any of my coworkers is capable, contemplating, and/or thinking about doing any such thing.

The one good thing I have found, is that my coworker's five year old daughter is just as terrified as I am. When I say good, I strictly mean that in the basest way: it makes me feel like I am not going crazy.The bad part of this is that thelittle one has asked me what the lady in the mirror wants from her. Who knows, maybe my coworker suspected my fear and used her daughter to trick me... even though that seems a bit too comparable to a conspiracy theory with how small of a business this is... Or maybe it could be EMF, (ECG, IMF, ICG or whatever initials the "Ghost Hunters" use when measuring the certain output of electrical devices) are just abnormally high due to faulty wiring and me and my coworkers daughter have a hightened sensitivity to it.

No matter what or why or how, I really hate this room.

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