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Only the partial rantings of a happily unsatisfied person with a fair vocabulary. Be warned; I skip around quite a bit in my symbols and their meanings. It should not be too hard to follow, let me know if it is and I will try to explain the best I can.

Submitted: November 19, 2007

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Submitted: November 19, 2007




May you never really have known that I can be all you need and more.

May you never really have seen that I already was more than you ever thought that I could be.

May you never really have found out what I knew I could do, that I so very successfully kept just from you.

May you never really have felt that which was never meant for you to feel.May you never really have tasted what was as forbidden as the apple of Eden.

I am the apple now, and you are Adam; the other side of you could only be considered as Eve.

I am no longer yours to do with as you please even when you always knew you never had the right to do those things to me.

You tried to crush me; you even tried so much harder when you found it was I who was in control.

Such a change from the times you remember so well, from when I was simply young and naïve as hell.

You couldn’t give up, and when I found that out, I’ll admit, I took you for everything that I could, because I knew, had you been in my shoes, that you would too.

In a way, I’m glad you couldn’t stop trying, for I wouldn’t have had nearly so much fun watching those little pieces of you dying.

I never loved you, and I never could, but even to try is something I just would not ever do.

So that you know, I am, ever so slightly sorry, for not ever being the littlest bit sorry til’ now.

I tempt you even, even as I write, and you come, from wherever you are, you come as a dog to wherever I call you from.

You tell yourself you wouldn't, but you know more than I that the sound of my voice beckons so that you can no longer deny.

You should be so ashamed of the thoughts that come to your mind when you look at me, seemingly unaware, imagining things so very… explicit, even for your sick and twisted mind.

I know its wrong and I really shouldn’t, but I really love, how even now, you think I could feel the same as you.

As a matter of fact, I think you’re so pathetic that you might still tell yourself that I could love you, am I right?

I love how you shrink into yourself when I so serenely dismiss you from my self.

And I love how you can no longer affect me, and how every single day, you understand what that means more and more.

What I love most of all, is that I, the Syren, never loved you at all.

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