An introduction to The Eternal Universe

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Some background information and plans for "The Eternal Universe".

Submitted: May 12, 2014

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Submitted: May 12, 2014



An introduction to The Eternal Universe

The Eternal Universe is a collection of short stories revolving around a small group of immortals as we follow their path through millennium turned to ages, and ages turned to epoch.

The universe and its characters and stories were created over roughly 15 years by me and my husband and I have decided to try and write them down, partially as a memorial to him after he lost his life to cancer in the beginning of 2014 and partially as therapy for myself to deal with the loss.

Six “books” have been planned to outlay the core of the “universe”, books 2-5 are interconnected and take place between ~3000-4000 A.D. 

Along side of these books are a large number of short stories, snapshots from the life of someone who lives forever.

For the first book it is highly recommended to take a bit of time to learn the basics about the japanese honorific system, at some point a basic reference guide will be added to cover the japanese terms used.


The first book, “Takeshi & Kasumi Kiryu”, lets us follow a pair adoptive siblings as they journey into their first millennium. A tale of much hardship as they learn to deal with loosing the transient lives of the mortals around them and learn to wield the double-edge blade that is eternal life.  


The second book will be “The Devil did it!”, following the first millennium of the cold hearted young genius known only as “Akuma” as he figures out why he does not age as his peers and where his abnormal intelligence and strength come from. And finally why he is unable to feel any emotion other than an all-consuming cold rage.

The third book, “By the toss of a coin”, follows the identical twins Luke “Lucky” & Josh “Jinx” Miller who despite being identical twins are as different as day and night. Luke quickly grows arrogant as he learns that there is no end to his luck, never bothering to study or try to make an “honest living”. He quickly finds himself in trouble as he turns to gambling and attracts attention as he never loses no matter how insane the bet placed. At the same time his brother Josh struggles to even stay alive as bad luck and accidents seem to follow him around wherever he goes, forcing him to study and train his body beyond what should be humanly possible just to survive, but he finds a way to trick his fate. No matter what he does, he can not win a bet.

The fourth book “Fire & Ice at Midnight Streets”, focuses of the meeting of two street-racers, the cold  local champion Taylor “Street” Hunt who wins his races with tactics and skill and the hot-headed adrenaline junkie who roams the continent looking for new thrills and wins his races by putting his life on the line. After they both walk away from what should have been a fatal crash they band together and find not only themselves but the ones behind the wave of sabotages that has cost many young racers their lives.

The fifth book “Black & White”, follows a half-blood angel as he is forced to grow up among mortals, cast out by his mother as the impurity of his fathers blood is a stain upon her noble line, being an outcast he has little acess to the powers of his blood. After nearly getting killed by a powerful demon he finds that his blood might not be as impure as his mother has believed. Instead of a mortal father he finds he is a prince of the Obsidian Halls, fathered by the black angel Lucifer himself only to find that the news causes his mothers clan to come hunting for his head, with nowhere left to turn he seeks out the demon that almost killed him in hope that he can convince him to fight a common enemy.

The sixth book “A New World”, takes place at the beginning of the 4th millennium and follows the early years of Satoshi Kiryu, firstborn of the now immortal Kiryu clan as he fights to find his place among the powerful immortals that has gathered under his parents roof and ultimately challenges everything to find his path.

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