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This synopsis is a summary of the fantasy novel - The Unseen Promise. It outlines the story line of the book.

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012






Even an Immortal feels the bite of boredom, and for brothers and sisters that don't get on, it makes living on Tarkeenia, a dangerous place to be. Ten Gods argue about whether or not a new world, for their own amusement, should be created. And with so much Wild Magic in one place, it would have been remiss to not safeguard its potency. Father with his blazing eyes, might chase stars and scatter suns on a single thought, but saying no to his children was something, the God found almost impossible to do. Still, their asking was a dangerous game. So, with a snap of two illusionary fingers, Father conjured a moon and it became the key. Another snap and it cracked it in half – he called it the Pata Batu. The Wild Magic was sealed and with it all who live beneath.

Tarkeenia struggles between the light and the dark, good and bad, ups and downs, in fact, being anything other than boring will get you into trouble. Ten Gods, each with an agenda of their own, plot and plan to their hearts content.

Tragedy and pain follows Roedanth, from Crows Nest to the Halls of Coowic where the Magi live. Torn from his simple life as a Coppersmith, Roedanth is named murderer and thief. Is there no one he can turn to for help? Sentenced to the stake for burning, on the orders of the King and Biscop, the young man pleads to the heavens for deliverance.

Drakite, the darkest of all Gods, cruel and malignant laughs as he gathers the young man’s words into his bony hand. Words spoken in ignorance are binding nonetheless, tying him tight with a promise unseen. Leaving Crows Nest, Roedanth makes his escape and stumbles into Widow’s Wood, unprepared for what lay ahead with the mad Magdeline. Her vengeance can only lead to his death. Another escape and this time the young man falls in stride with two unlikely travelling companions. Coal – the fire sprite and Brar – a fed up and frustrated Jaroona.

Specks roam the land, flesh eaters to be feared and hated. They hunt the weak and the strong, turning everything in their path to dust. At their side, walks Ro’Brar, an exiled Mage from the Halls of Coowic, and as the Nest cross over the Murdock border. War and death take on a new face.

Father was the oddest of Specks, he lusts after a human woman - a dark skinned Benzine beauty from the Spotted Clan. Pellimac smells of the sun and open skies, of fresh earth and horse dung. Is it love that keeps her safe, locked away in a dark hole from the hungry horde? Is it love that gives Father, something he wants, children of his own?

Born of Speck and man, the twins Kitty and Hi’ayman share traits from two worlds. A little something from their human mother Pellimac, who in captivity is fast losing her mind and from Father a lot of Speck. How they hate Ro’Brar and his grandiose plans, Kitty more than most despises the Mage. She fears the shift of power within the Nest. But despite her brother’s urgings, she seeks to destroy the Mage and his foul magic.

Murrdocks dislike humans; it’s ironic because they are themselves a blending of animal and human. In fact, they hate humans so much, that they have closed the borders to Kinaloch. Now the King is sick, dying, struck down with a strange and sudden infliction. He burns hotter every day and to counter his illness the Murdock must ask the Halls of Coowic for help. Magic must be fought with magic, but while Prince Pec seeks a cure, Bollag, the royal’s rival seeks a crown. If he can produce the body of a dead King and that of the son, then the council would have no choice but to give him the throne.

Pellimac – daughter of the Horse people is insane. Her mind is lost to a world of filth and darkness. Nuumandrai - Chief of the Spotted Clan must make a choice. He can no longer endure her fits of madness, and bargains with the dwarf healers from Machobe to find her a measure of peace. Buckets of glass, an exquisite and rare commodity in exchange for their help, how can any capitalistic dwarf refuse such a generous offer? Waiting in the dark, sniffing the air waits Father. His love has returned.

Every Mage strives for balance in a world bubbling with Wild Magic, while remaining true to their Calling. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Kahlu, second chair to the Halls council has very specific plans and they include his new pupil Roedanth. Happy endings are never guaranteed and with the Dark God – Drakites' devoted attention to the young man’s wishes, how could there be?

The lives of man and monster hang in the balance, subject to the whims of Gods. Can Tarkeenia survive the tug and pull of the very spoilt and very wicked? Can those lost to the dark find a way back to the light? Is it possible to forget, or to forgive and begin again? All these questions and more are answered, as the reader walks the many paths of Tarkeenia.


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