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A poem about acceptance.

Submitted: September 19, 2018

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Submitted: September 19, 2018



How dare I,

Get angry,

And feel like I want to die?

I can't help it.


I'm not making an excuse,

When my own mind,

Creates the abuse.

I can't get rid of it.


When you talk about some dude,

And my brain,

Changes my very mood,

I can't escape it.


When I stay up late at night,

My own imagination,

Creating the images of fright,

I am not fucking alright.


How dare I say that I might,

Take my own life tonight,

Because I'm too bright,

But I'm suffering this mental blight;


I am losing this God-forsaken fight,

But I can't tell you that.

Do I even have the right?


By God, I'm losing sight,

For this dark to turn white,

But I need to see through this plight.

I need to be alright.


I need to for you.

All of you.

The ones that take a lighter to my heart,

To rekindle that spark.


No longer can I be silent.

These voices have become too violent.

It's time for change.

My own mind,

I must rearrange.

© Copyright 2019 G. P. Kidd. All rights reserved.

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