Love never dies

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George Inguanez had a normal life, he had a promising career as a newly stated detective and a beautiful loving wife what more could he want? That all changed the day the one thing he cherished most in this world was taken on her way home one evening. After 6 months of searching every dark corner of London he was beginning to give up, until he received a phone call late one night. Following the lead he started to have hope again, until he found where she was kept. The discovery of her hanging corpse would forever linger in his mind. Along with her body was a note reading “George, if you ever find this I am sorry, sorry I left you alone in what I now see as a cruel world, but I couldn't live with, the things he done to me, Please find it in your heart to carry on, live, love again, do whatever you need to to feel happiness again. I will wait for you in wherever I am going, I love you, we both do, our love for you will never die…never..”

After the chilling discovery that she was 3 months pregnant at the time of her death, a broken, now alcoholic, George sets out to find the man responsible for her death, who was revealed as Kyle Warrington, repeat offender for various sexual crimes, from the DNA found on *****s autopsy. After weeks of searching George, with no back up and going against the law he swore to uphold, tracks him down, finding recordings of previous victims, he lashes out in a fit of rage, and after a struggle shoots the man responsible for his wife's death in both his knees and hangs him, so he would know the pain his wife felt in her dying moments. George then takes out the gun previously used to cripple Kyle and places it in his mouth, unable to go on alone and content with the justice he has served he pulls the trigger, thinking of his beloved wife his last words are “love never dies”.

This story is about a man who is broken by the events taking place, and his quest for revenge, it is a story of sorrow, resentment, and love. This screenplay really shows that love never dies.

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