A Chance Once Missed

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Being rich has its pros and cons. Being rich has its ups and downs. Being rich can either make you a better person or someone worse.

Kayla Gilbert was unable to accept the fact that her family was loaded and so was she. Not only were they preparing her on how to run a company but they wanted her to take on her grandfather's legacy because no one else could and everyone else had their own company to deal with. Plus, her grandfather made her the only heir to his company.

She wasn't fit for that life, she wanted a normal one where she could go to college and be successful on her own terms but she couldn't, she wouldn't. One threat made her run, someone was threatening to take her life and she didn't want her family involved so she ran. She wasn't alone though, her family's biggest rival was with her, Jeremy McKibben. They didn't know who each other were and they're about to find out just how wrong it was to be together.

Then there was another problem, she fell in love with him and she would do anything for him, including giving herself in to the man after her in exchange for Jeremy's life

Submitted: December 11, 2013

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Submitted: December 11, 2013





"What kind of dress would you want to wear?" 

I looked up from my phone to give my mom a blank stare. She's been bugging me for the past week on what dress I would wear for prom. Yeah prom. She's more excited than me. I don't even have a date.

 Sad, I know.

 The one guy I wanted to ask me out asked another girl so I'm going to prom, DATELESS. I mean, he knows I like him, hell, the whole senior year knows but he chose not to acknowledge it. As my friends tell me 'it's his loss'.

"Uh... I... I don't think I'm going to prom..."

"No! You're going, otherwise you are grounded."

I hate it when she does this. I know it's her house but that doesn't give her the right to force me into going somewhere I don't want to. "Ugh. Fine."

She gave me a small smile "Okay then. Go change, we're going out."

Out? Out to where? What's wrong with that I'm wearing? I looked down on my clothing, and see that I'm wearing a shirt with SpongeBob plastering his famous yet annoying smile on the front and Patrick on the back, I'm wearing faded olive green shorts. I don't care what my mom says. I put on my black and white converse and sat back down on the comfy couch. This is my spot.

I took out my phone and texted my friend's cousin. Yes-- her cousin. Let me explain, I asked my friend Jane a few days ago if she knew someone looking for a way to waste time. Why you ask? Why would I look for someone who would want to waste time with me? Well, I'm bored, I don't really review for tests because it would just stress me out. I listen attentively during discussions so I won't waste my time on reviewing. I get high grades especially in Math, its history I have a problem with.

Sorry, I get side-tracked easily...

Anyway, this cousin of hers is really something, One would think that he easily falls for a girl. Hello? I haven't even seen him. Oh! I have a boyfriend by the way, but it's nothing serious. If anything I know he just wants to get in my pants. Well, I'm still a virgin if you're asking. I want to give it to someone I love, not just some guy I date.

"Let's go!" my mom yells a lot

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

"What are you wearing?"

"Something comfortable," I say obviously.

I heard her sigh, "Let's just go."

I suppressed a smile, not wanting her to see me enjoying her misery.

The ride to the mall was quiet. Once she parked the car, I hurriedly unbuckled my seatbelt and went to the entrance of the mall. Shopping for clothes aren’t really my thing, it's more of my sister's.

 We went inside a shop called 'Matilda', I was greeted with the overwhelming smell of something unpleasant. Please don't tell me this is a type of perfume. Ugh! How does one get through the day smelling like--I don't even know how to describe it.

"Good afternoon, ma'am. How may I help you today?" the saleslady said and plastered a fake smile on her face. Oh COME ON. She looks like a woman having diarrhea and is having a hard time containing it. I suppressed yet another smile before they call me a mad woman.

"We're looking for a dress for my daughter."

She looked at me and crinkled her nose. "Right this way, ma'am."


"How about this one?"

She was holding up a cocktail dress, not too fluffy skirt-- I think it's made of silk... --the bodice has a somewhat star pattern on it yet a much more complicated design. The pattern is made of white colored beads, while the skirt is light pink and one side of the bodice is white and the other is a slightly darker shade of pink than the skirt.

"Mom I don’t want to wear pink for prom!  Besides, a lot of girls would wear a dress like this. If you're making me go to prom then I want a dress that's unique.

"Okay okay, let's go to another shop then." She grumbled.


Jeremy POV

"Dude, what do you think of this one?" said my overly annoying cousin.

"Dude, don’t ask me, I don't know anything about clothes!" Well, that's not exactly true, I know how to make myself decent but I suck at giving advice to others.

"That's not exactly true, is it?" He yelled from the dressing room.

"Why don't you just ask your girlfriend?"

“I don't have one, I'm still working up the courage to show my face to your sister's friend!" He yelled back.

"Is that the girl you've been texting for the past few days?" I said quizzically.

“Yeah, your sister showed me a picture of her! Man, she's hot!"

"Don’t get your hopes up! She looks like the type that doesn't go for guys like us."

My cousin, Always the dreamer. I mean, he's not ugly, at 6'1" he has short black hair, tanned skin, ocean blue eyes-- I suck at describing --toned muscles, but he has no abs, haha.

At the corner of my eye, I saw a glimpse of brunette hair, and turned to see. It was brunette, and long-- very long, might I add.  It ended just above her butt, and she looks like about 5'5"? Pale? White? Silky-- Oh God, I think I'm turning gay... --skin. She is talking to an older woman beside her. That must be her mother, because they look alike. My eyes trailed on her choice on clothes. Normally, I would oppose on a girl wearing shorts while in public but she was an exception. Her legs, like her face, were pale, like they haven't seen the sun that often. She has incredibly long legs.

I heard my cousin mutter something while getting out of the dressing room. He bumped into me, being the idiot that he was. "Dude what the hell?!"

His eyes looked at mine and locked on the girl I was ogling. "Back off, she's mine." I heard him say.

"What?" I managed to get out.

"That's the girl I was telling you about, you know? Your sister's friend." 

That was her? Are you kidding me?

"Dude, give me her number!"

"So what? You can steal her from me? No way!" He shook his head quickly, obviously not wanting to give it to me.

"What's her name?" I say, not taking my eyes off of her.

"Why don't you ask her yourself?"

"Just tell me her name, dammit!" I glared at him.

"Okay okay, don’t get your panties in a twist. it's-"

"It’s?” I followed. Unable to contain my glee.

"Superman!" Superman? Then I heard him laugh-- hard.

I smacked his shoulders "Not funny, not funny at all."

"You should've seen your face!!" then he pointed a finger at me.

When he ceased laughing, he said, "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

"So? What's your point?" I cocked an eyebrow at him.

"I like this one. She's actually nice, not bitchy." then he added, "She's not one of your play thingies?"

"Play thingies?" I asked.

"Yeah, dude. You date a lot of girls. I know you last more than a year with each of them but you don't exactly stick to one girl..." He said with his expression serious.

"Just give me her name." I repeat my question for the third time.

"It’s Kayla Mina Gilbert."

"Kayla..." I said testing the name. It fits, and I let out a satisfied smirk.

"You look like you're about to murder someone..." He muttered, yet loud enough for me to hear.

"Don’t I always?"

“True, very, very true. Let's go, they're gone."


Kayla POV

"Would you put away your phone? AT LEAST long enough for you to pick a dress?"

We're at a shop called 'My Things'.

"Fine, fine..." I didn't even reply to the new number who texted me . 

I wonder who that could be... Hm.

"Here, this one is unique!" my mother held up what seems like the hundredth dress.

Most of the dresses she showed me weren't my taste, but this dress I actually like. She's holding a backless dress. It lands just above my knees, the bodice has a criss cross pattern made of silk, a not too low neckline, and the material used for the tie used to hold up the dress is black. The skirt isn't fluffy, the end part is not cut straight--  its cut randomly --and it’s black!

I smiled at my mother, a job well done for picking out a dress for me. She clapped-- yes, clapped her hands -- and shoved me inside the dressing room.

When I got out, she made a sign for me to turn around and I did. "There's something missing..." I gave my mom a questioning look.  The Next thing I knew, she was holding a sort-of scarf in front of me. It's white with bits of the color silver, yet I think it's cute and gave her a small nod.

All in all, I looked decent.

The main problem for prom done, we went to the food court to rest and eat. You would think that it's that easy to choose a dress for prom, it's exhausting, I tell you! As my mom got up to take our orders I took this opportunity to type a reply to the text I received earlier.

'Who's this?' I typed and pressed send.

There was a reply almost instantly: 'a cousin of Cedrick'

Oh! That’s how he got my number! The next question is why. 'Why’d you get my number?' I asked.

'Because I wanted to, babe' Jerk! Before I could type another reply, my mother got back, tray in hand with our food. I ordered a burger with fries and coke. 

What? I wanted to eat, I'm hungry!


On the way home, I kept my eyes locked outside. I know you wanted to know why I'm not taking my boyfriend to prom. Well, he doesn't go to our school and he has work, so he won't be able to take me home.

I know-- it sucks.

But me and my friends planned to go out after prom so I'm not going home, I'm sleeping at Livy’s-- which is short for Olivia --house.

Its lunch time and me and my friends sat at a rounded table. They're talking about prom and what's going to happen. They have their own dates except for my best friend, and neighbor, Alexia. We planned on going together.

Someone nudged my side. Giving that person the death stare, "I'm not in the mood to socialize." 

"Don't give me that look, your body may be with us but your mind isn't!" I just stared at her. She put her hands up in a defensive position "Okay, okay, we were saying that we should get together at Carm's house for make-ups for prom."

"Okay." I squeaked

Prom is tomorrow! Everyone assigned in arranging said that the event is going to stay late. That includes Carmina, Lindsey and Olivia. Alexia doesn’t want to do heavy work, as do I so we’re going home together.

At home, I lounged on my favorite spot on the beige-colored couch in my living room.  I received a text from Cedrick’s cousin. 

Huh, I haven’t even asked him his name. I typed a reply, ‘What’s your name?’

He replied back, 'Who’d like to know?’

‘Is there another person who wants to know your name?’

‘Babe, a lot of girls wants to know my name’ He is frustrating me, he thinks so highly of himself when it comes to girls. It’s just annoying!

‘Don’t call me babe!’

‘Cranky, are we?’


‘Goody two shoes!’


‘Really? Prove it!'

Powered by my frustration, I perk up at the thought of proving this annoying prick wrong. ‘How?’

It took him a while to respond, maybe he’s thinking... 

I got up from the couch and went to the kitchen to get an apple. When I came back there was a reply, ‘Go with me after prom tomorrow’

‘Uh. . . no. I have plans.’

‘Then unplan them, silly.'


‘Just wait for me!’ I was too frustrated to type a reply, so I didn’t bother. I ate my apple and went to bed, 

'tomorrow’s going to be a long day...' was my last thought before sleep consumed me completely.


“Kayla! Wake up!”

I mumbled something incoherent and cuddled Mr. Fuzzy, my teddy bear from when I was still a child, and my only friend throughout the years.

I heard banging on my door. “Kayla, wake up!”

I put my pillow on my ear to muffle the sound but it was no use. I was already awake. 


Yes-- I mumble things not known to the world when people wake me up when I don’t want to wake up. I walked up to my door and opened it, not daring to open my eyes to look at the person who woke me up.  If I did I might kill the said person.

 “What?” I managed to croak

“Wow, you look like hell..."

“Thanks for stating the obvious,” I peeked through one eye.

 In front of me was my younger sister. She’s 11 years old and really annoying. “What do you want?”

“Mom wanted me to tell you that you’re gonna be late for your make-up thingy if you don’t get up right now."

“What time is it?”

“Noon." She said, stating it obviously.

“Noon?!” I shrieked. I rushed past her and into the bathroom.

After 2 hours in the bathtub-- Yes, I take that long in the bathtub, being in the bathtub makes me relax and forget all my worries and I get to play with duckie, my toy duck in the bathtub, I know I’m like a kid, I am a kid I’m yet still 18 years old --I looked at myself in the mirror, I wore a plain navy blue shirt with jean shorts. My dress and accessories for prom are already at Carm’s house so I don’t have to bring anything except myself and my phone-- which the phone is very important.

“Mom! I’m going to Carm’s house!”

“Okay honey," I gave her a peck on the cheek and made my way towards the door. I put on my black and white converse and walked my way towards Carm’s house. Normally, I would ask my mom to take me, but I wanted to walk today, because the sun is shining brightly and it’s lifting my mood. The walk to Carm’s house wasn’t that tiring, I walked for about 20 minutes before I arrived at the porch of their house. I gingerly knocked on the door, not expecting what was to come next.

“Kayla Mina! What the hell took you so long?!” I heard Olivia say as she opened the door, how she knew it was me, I’ll never know.

As I entered Carm’s house, there were clothes everywhere, on the couch, on the floor, there’s even a cami on the chandelier in the dining room. I cocked an eyebrow, not believing the chaos that happened here.

The once neat, tidy and spotless house was filled with clothes. I followed Olivia to Carm’s bedroom,  and it’s more chaotic in here than out there. I sighed-- yes, this was going to be a long day.

After hours doing each other’s nails, we moved on to the hair, I kept my half my hair down while the other half up. It was simple and I like it. The girls hired someone to do our make-up. When I was done, I was not at all pleased with what she did to my face. I was pale, I know that and yet she decided to put white as my eyeshadow and eyeliner! Are you shitting me?! I erased some of the stuff off my face-- especially the lipstick. I borrowed one of Lindsay’s lipsticks to match my skin tone. When I was done, I was feeling a bit better.

When we entered the gym of our school, I was amazed at what they did!

You wouldn’t even believe that it’s the gym. On our right was the photo booth, a lot of couples were lined up to take their picture, on the left was the buffet table, It was filled with food-- naturally. Olivia, Carmina, and Lindsay went with their dates as me and Alexia mingled. Some guy friends of mine asked me for a dance or two and I agreed, it’s not like anyone’s going to get jealous.

Jane walked up to me when I was drinking my punch, after I danced with Paul. “I guess you won our bet..."

“I guess so,” Not wanting her to hear the disappointment in my voice. 


 Why wasn’t I happy that I won our bet?  Let me explain: a few weeks back, Jane made a bet with me, that Robert-- the guy I wanted to ask me out, but he ended up asking another girl --would ask me out or he would ask me to dance with him. Seeing now that he wasn’t going to ask me, I won the bet.

 The prize? 

Ice cream.

 I felt a pang of jealousy, and I didn’t realize I was staring at Robert and his date. I looked away and let out a small sigh.

“Don’t worry, he’s a jerk for not noticing you, he’s also an idiot for asking a taken girl."


“Yeah, Alina’s taken and Robert knows this, that’s why he’s an idiot."

“Oh.” was all I could get out of my mouth.

“Enjoy the party Kayla, we wouldn’t want you moping around!"


After hours of wearing out my shoes, I sat down, ready to leave, I waited for my friends. One by one, my friends ended up at our table. 

“Ready to leave?” I asked when they were all here. They all nodded in unison, “Let’s go."

When we were outside, I received a text ‘Wait for me, I’m on my way’

‘we’re actually on our way out, you won’t be able to make it’ I replied.

“Oh, wait, I forgot my purse!” said Lindsay as she ran back inside.

“We’ll wait here,” Carmina replied.

‘You have time, but when we’re on a cab, you won’t be able to stop me’ I texted him again.

‘That’s all the time I need...'

Did I really say yes to go with a stranger? Suddenly, my excitement to go with my friends to a party was slowly dying. I was jealous that they have their own dates, Alexia went with Jane because she wasn’t in the mood to party.

“Let’s go.” I heard Olivia walking from behind me

“okay." Carmina was already trying to wave a cab.

'Where is he???' I thought to myself, 'why isn’t he here yet?' I let out a sigh as a cab pulled in front of us. As I closed the door, locking me in my misery, I received a text, ‘I’m here’.

I typed a quick reply ‘I’m gone’.


Jeremy  POV

She’s gone.

I wanted to see her, not at all interested in taking my girlfriend home. I didn’t care about my girlfriend-- that’s not true, I care for her, but in a sisterly manner. I let out a sigh, I might as well take my sister home.


“Hey! You just missed her!”

I put on a questioning look “Who?”

“Kayla, she told me to tell you sorry.”

“Oh.” I  can't hide the disappointment in my voice.

She gave me a small smile. I smiled back. “Let’s go home.”

“Okay.” Then my phone beeped, I know it’s her.


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