Yours truly, Kate

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Romance

Kate Watson and Kaleb Lewis are from different worlds but when they meet online, their opposite worlds collide in a not-so-subtle way.

Kaleb Lewis grew up in a small town from South Carolina. His passion for cars is unfathomable, he's the outdoorsy type, dirt bikes, ATVs kind of guy. Your typical horse riding, truck loving guy.

Kate Watson grew up in Perth city, a city located down under. She grew up in the city but not the girly girl type of girl. She grew up with her dad who treated her as a son, you can only imagine what that does. She had it rough but as she grew up, she embraced her inner woman.

A small-town country boy, a city girl, cars, dirt bikes, adventures, passion, lust and love.

This is going to be one hell of a ride.


This book is not a story of some sort! I'm warning you.

These book will contain diary entries, text messages, conversation and online chats.

Little to no descriptions, I will place a date, time and place for every chapter.

Chapters will be short but updates will be more frequent.

If any of my readers for this book are from South Carolina and Perth, I'm so sorry if I got some things wrong. I'm really really really sorry if I got some Australian and NC and SC languages wrong. I'll try my best!

Table of Contents



Hey guys! Another bloody story! I cannot contain my excitement for this so yeah, if you've seen the story on my book Coming soon so you know what you're dealing with. Updates will probably come everyday or every other day.

As I said, this chapter will NOT contain descriptions unless written in the diary, they're going to be mostly conversations, online chats, text messages and diary entries!

Stay tune for more! Hope you enjoy!

P.S. If any of my readers are from North or South Carolina or Perth or anywhere in Australia, feel free to put in your two cents, I will not get mad, I'm actually interested in knowing more about your place! Feel free to PM me or comment.

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This is so hard! Who knew a story without descriptions can be this hard! I tried really really hard not to add descriptions eventhough I was itching to do so!

If there are conversation shortcuts, please do remember that these are online chats and do you chat with a whole word? Didn’t think so. Anyway, spread some love and hit that heart button!

This is Kaleb, what do you think so far?

Interesting parts will come soon. Don’t worry.

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Hey!!! Well this is one long ass conversation. What do you think will happen next? Do you think Kaleb will reach out to Kate?
Again, no descriptions. Capiche? You’re just gonna have to imagine how and what their reactions are.
Thoughts? Should I continue this with or without descriptions?
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Hey guys! Yeah Yeah, aren't you happy I updated?

Glad? Yes? Great! Next chapter will be up tomorrow, hopefully.

Have fantastic day!

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Heyoooo! How is everyone? Good? Hyper? Great! We’re on the same boat!

Have fun yet? No? Why not?!

Please hit that heart button and show some love!

Have a magical day!

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Like their small banter? I love Julia and Robert right now. Lol
Don’t worry guys! Kaleb isn’t always a jackass..haha you’ll find out more as you read on!
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