The years to remember - Chapter 1

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A short story baced on the ups and downs of the memorable teenage years

Submitted: August 06, 2010

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Submitted: August 06, 2010



Chapter One - What it's all about...

13th May 2010 3pm, Dear diary- I have been thinking of what our teen years hold today... I guess they are the ones which bring new found freedom and boos, the fun packed years you wish lasted forever but are really just a small percentage of your life. Me, a 15 year old typical teenage girl is obviously quite aware of the many ups and downs of living as a teenager! The downs can be concidered rather funny if you look at it in the way that I did, trust me I ended up laughing so hard when I kept coming up with them. The downs, have you ever looked at those embaresing photos of your parents, from when they were teenagers? If you haven't you have seriously got to have a look! The photos.... most commonly having a mixture of stupid outfits (almost dressing up like) funky (well that's what they would call them) but in the modern world we would say epically W-E-I-R-D hairstyles which you can not understand why on earth they would have. I looked at my parents today at lunch after having just thought of the photos i had seen last week... my face quite litterally scrunched up, how an earth am I going to ever take them seriously again? The funny thing is that it was only today that I thought of the future... I could possibly be a 40 year old marryed lady of two kids and I could be in their posistion. Of cource us teens don't realise that what is fashionable now really wont be in years to come... All i can say is I am so keeping my photos hidden from my kids (hmm sounds like a suitable idea)... well that is if the clothes have gone way-y-y out of fashion. Well I am just about to leave for my Aunts birthday BBQ so byebye for now.

13th May 2010 11pm, Dear diary- Oh dear... so many downs at family events! (I have actually had to ask myself is this me just being immature or is this actually completly crazy). Today I was stood in the kitchen listening to an extremly-y interesting conversation about how cool her (my aunts) new elctric bin is. (and yes I was being sarcastic) I mean was I seriously hearing this, a conversation about electric bins... did they really have  nothing else to talk about. But as i quote she (my aunt) says to me "Trust me when your 40 this is what you will be talking about?" That I really can't imagine but there we go, one of the many things to look forward to (not) of my future years to come! hmm you think this is funny, well you should have heard the conversation my mum had with some of the people at karate last week. I was standing there waiting for the class to start and I start to hear them talking about how they get their gui's to iron strait and with no marks, I mean c-mon? seriosuly? Well at least I wasnt the only one finding it funny... because sensai was finding it funny to and said "as if you have nothing else to talk about" Yes me standing there completly embaresed by the conversation my mum was having... another down of being a teen... parents are always (un-controlably) embaresing! Im of to bed... bye.

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