Insanity and Madness

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The obscurity of insanity!

Submitted: January 30, 2013

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Submitted: January 30, 2013




Insanity and madness
Are thought of as the same
Crazy and delirious
Considered seperate games
Who is that decides 
The line between the two
An eccentric or a crazy
How to know which one is who
Some will look to madness 
To justifiy their wrong
Others who seem crazy
Are quite happy with the trong
They see it in a different light
With a different sort of mind
But that doesnt mean they're wrong
Or that we a right in kind
Their mind just doesn't work the same
Has an abstract sort of view
Who are we to judge them
What if they judged you?
You might seem the oddball
The one who's mind is out in space
Why is it that you're free to roam
Shall we put you in their place?
What if it is all of us
And it's them that know the truth
Our reality and reason bent
You can't say that, Lord struth!
Lock them up and tie them down
We mustn't let them out
They're a danger to the all of us
Of that there is no doubt
Find the chains, find the rope
We mustn't let them free
What if they start to question
How WE choose to be?
We can't have that, It'll never do
We've proved they're not the same
Take them to the mental home
And let them play their crazy game
Us folk out here are far to straight
To competent of mind
We can't have all these crazy folk
Walking round outside
The truth they have is false, benign
We've proved it isn't true 
I could never have a crazy man
Come and join my crew
T'would be dangerous, cause disaster
We would never feel safe
We'd have to always run away
'cause they could be a mental case
Are we wrong? Are they right?
Should they be free to roam the night
Can we tell? Has their chance passed?
We've picked a road, now we hope it lasts! 

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