Mine Alone to Bear

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More crap from in my head!

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



When sat alone 
Left with only my thoughts
My brain starts fighting 
Coming up with retorts
I'm fighting myself
There's no one else here
In my mind i do scream
Down my cheek runs a tear
Why am i fighting? 
What is it for?!
A debate with myself
In the end its me i abhore
I keep it at bay
With laughter and jokes
But when on my own
My mind, it just chokes
It's a self caused burden
And mine only to bear
But where has it come from
Does no one else care?!
But of course, it is hidden
For no mind but my own
Should i confess
Or continue alone
Can i rely on another
My brain tells me no
All my experience tells me
They will want only to go
All claim to be friends
Say they're here by my side
But when problems come up
No one seems to abide
There is nothing i have
No one to love
Nothing to keep me
From rising above!
Yet i pull myself back
Somethings keeping a hold
There is something around me
Something subtle, but bold
It keeps me on track
Keeps my mind whole
But nothing in life
Seems to fill that deep hole
A deep pit of darkness
A cold dank recess
Overwhelming my mind
Is this lonely abyss
There is nothing to fear
Yet it scares me the same
Am i just lonely 
Or is there more to this game?!

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