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OVER 18 ONLY a fantasy story a day in the life of a married couple Alan and Fiona barker a graphic story for adults only!!!!

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014



"Monday! I really hate Mondays" Alan complains " just shut up and eat your fruit" replies Fiona
"Fruit this and fruit that, all this healthy lifestyle shit is boring me! Give me a cheese burger any day" 
rants Alan. 
Fiona just rolls her eyes while she pours her green tea
"Okay done!" Alan shows of his empty bowl "happy love?"
Fiona "yes dear so very happy" with a sarcastic voice
Alan just smirks and lifts his bag " right I'm off to work"
"Good riddens" Fiona jokes.
They give each other a soft kiss all most meaningless with no compassion.
2.30pm door bell rings
"Come in" shouts Fiona, in comes a tall well built and well put together man
"It's me Fiona, George!"
"Hey George just putting on me I'll be 2 minutes, make your self at home" 
"Ok Fiona will do"
George a 6 foot 3 personal trainer who trains Fiona 3 times a week,
"George how are you? Sorry I had to cancel last week, Alan was home sick"
"It's fine Fiona just means we have twice the work this week" Laughs George 
" I guess we do" Fiona says brushing her long blonde hair to one side,
Fiona a real health freak with a toned body long legs firm bottom juicy breasts and a Hollywood smile,
You could never guess she's a woman in her early 40's.

"Hey bill how's things? "Same old Alan, just another Monday"
"Fucking Mondays gotta love 'em" huffs Alan,
"Sure do, oh by the way some lady Lisa? is waiting on you in your office Alan,
she said the car you sold her needs some fixing" 
"No problem bill mate thanks"
Alan opens his office door to see Lisa
A Small sexy green eyed red head,
"Hello Alan" she says with her soft sexual tone
"How's Fiona?" "Fine Lisa what can I do for you?" 
"Well there's a few things" she walks to the door turning the lock, click!! 
"What are doing Lisa?"

"Ok Fiona let's get started"
"Ok let's go" she says with a cheeky smile
"You know these are my favourite kind of work outs" Fiona whispers
While she slides her fingers down George's shirt, right down to his belt buckle
Biting her bottom lip,
"Oh I know it is I know you like how I put you to work not like your useless husband"
"Shhh no need to mention him, forget him" she says
Fiona slowly opens George's belt buckle "have you got a surprise for me." She asks
"a big surprise" George replies,
Her hand slips into his jeans slowly moving down
Where Her hand meets a huge hard bulge 
"Oh yes I've been waiting over a week for this"
"Fiona?" "Yes George?" "Would you just fuck up and start sucking my cock already"
He grabs her hair hard pulling her back looking her in the eyes,
He softly slaps her face and says " your my dirty bitch so get on your knees and use that sluty mouth to suck my cock!!!" He forces her down 
Forces his cock inside her mouth "Ohhh yes he shouts"
Fiona on her knees being force fed this massive cock, but she seems to enjoy the brutal role play
Sucking and spitting on the head of George's cock, choking and gagging going red in the face, George slaps her and demands..
"stick out your tongue bitch!"He smacks his big cock of her tongue over and over and then shoves it back down her throat "take it all you slut, take it all!" 

"Alan oh Alan this cat and mouse game we play is fun, but when will it stop"
"Lisa I'm a married man and your a married woman for Christ sake"
Lisa walks to Alan's desk, runs her fingers across the top moving closer to Alan,
She sits on the desk right in front of him where he is sitting on his chair,
She spreads her legs revealing that under her skirt she as nothing on
No underwear no nothing just a nice shaven pussy,
"Lisa stop! This isn't right"
"Alan if you want me to stop you can make me" 
Alan takes a deep breath and swallows and just sits there
Lisa smiles "see I knew you wanted to see more"
Lisa takes her hand to her mouth, she sucks on her fingers nice and slow
Running her tongue all around them, getting them nice and wet
"Yummy" she mumbles, sliding them down in between her legs
She inserts one finger inside her pussy pushing past her tight lips
"Ohh Alan" she mutters "oh fuck it feels so good, do wanna feel?"
"Feel my pussy Alan"
Alan stuck to is chair, no thoughts of his wife
All he can think about is his throbbing penis inside is jeans pushing up against the zipper,
"This is bad" he whispers "my pussy is to good to be bad Alan" Lisa says with a cheeky grin
She continues to finger her tight pussy moaning gently, Alan can hear the wetness and sliding noises between her fingers and pussy lips,
She removes her fingers 
"Tastes my pussy Alan tell me how good it tastes"
Alan sucks the pussy juice right off Lisa's fingers, the smell making the blood run harder through is penis,
It feels like it's gonna blow up "fuck!" He shouts!!

"Stand up you dirty bitch" George shouts
Fiona does as he commands "bend over!!"
Fiona bends over the kitchen table, still with her underwear on,
George stands watching stroking his massive cock, witch is dripping wet from Fiona's spit,
"Spread your cheeks!" Fiona reaches around grabbing both her cheeks spreading them for George,
He takes two fingers and reaches in grabbing the edges of her underwear and pulling them to one side, 
he gets down on his knees and he licks his lips and does a huge spit right on Fiona's asshole, waits a second and spits again,
"Are you ready to take this cock you dirty bitch"
"Yes I'm ready I've been really naughty i need it hard punish me please" Fiona cries 
" I like how you beg for it slut" George who loves to be in control
Puts is hands on Fiona's waist looks down at his massive cock puts it up against Fiona's asshole and he starts to push it inside " ahhhh" Fiona screams, George keeps forcing it, slowly it starts to enter 
He stops and spits down over his cock some more, and it slides right in
"YES" Fiona screams "fuck my ass fuck it please"
George starts pounding hard, his cock thumping in and out of her tight ass hole
The slapping noise gets louder and louder Fiona shouts "holy fuck stop"
"Shut it slut, take my cock!!" George shouts back "Stop please" she begs
George keeps pounding and pounding going harder and harder
His grip tightens around Fiona's waist she screams "George!!"
Finally George stops slowly slides his cock out, Fiona drops to the floor 
"Oh fuck oh fuck" she repeats with hardly a breath left in her,
But before she can rest George grabs her hair 
"Open your mouth open your fucking mouth"
He shoves his cock inside forces it to the back if her throat and holds her head there he screams "ahhhhhhhh I'm cumming" he cums so hard in the back of Fiona's throat she starts to gag trying to push George back of her,
He finally lets her go she spits out as much cum as she can,
George picks up his clothes "same time next week Fiona?"
Waits on a reply "yes I need more" he smiles and walks out.

" yes yes yes Alan keep going" Alan's throbbing penis
Going in and out of Lisa's pussy, her lips gripping the sides of his penis
Her juices running down his balls, 
"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum"
"Cum in me" Lisa screams 
"No! I can't no!" Pushing Lisa of him
Alan keeps stroking his penis
He starts cumming all over Lisa's stomach,
"Oh Alan what a mess" 
She runs her fingers through his cum
"Hmmm let me taste"
She licks her fingers clean of Alan's cum,
"Thank you Alan, I'll be back for another visit soon, 
I may go now my husband is picking me up, say hello to Fiona for me" 
She leaves with an evil giggle,
"What have I done?" Alan says to himself.

"Hey honey How was work?" Lisa asks
"It was fine dear" he says, "how did you get on? did you get the car problems sorted?"
"Yes dear, that car sales man Alan barker is a very helpful man" she replies
"That's strange the lady I've been training these past few weeks is called Fiona barker?"George says
Lisa smiles "oh I know George, I know you have"
George stairs at his wife's smug face wondering does she really know?
Fiona moves on with the conversation 
So what do you wanna eat tonight George?"
He says "Im easy dear" "me to" Whispers Lisa looking out the car window smiling.

  "Hello!! I'm home... Fiona??"
"Hey love I'm just jumping in the shower" she shouts from up stairs
"Ok darling I'll get in after you"
Alan sitting on the edge of his bed undressing getting ready for a hot shower
He can't help but go over what had happened today
"Did that really happen? Have I cheated on my wife?"
"Hey honey" Fiona says sneaking up behind him on the bed
Giving him a kiss on the cheek,
Alan a bit startled "oh hey hon scared me there" he says with a nervy laugh
"Are you Ok honey?" Fiona asks,
"Fine love I'm fine just a long day"
Fiona comes closer "aww my big man had a hard day well I know what will help"
Fiona puts her hand around Alan's crouch area and says
"Does someone need a special massage?"
Alan's eyes widen he steps back and says
"Aww thanks hon but really I should shower I've been sitting in these clothes all day"
Fiona who as only been inspired by her antics today grabs! 
Alan by the jeans forcing her way in to them
"Give me your dick love I want it now" Alan try's to hold her back
But Fiona is sex mad and hell bent on getting what she wants
Finally she as Alan's penis in her hand she opens her mouth
Wraps her lips around is still soft penis!
As she does she tastes it! She knows another woman's pussy 
As been around her husbands penis,
There's a pause......
But then she continues she doesn't react she doesn't say nothing
In fact Fiona can feel her fresh new panties she had just put on
Getting wet she was strangely turned on
By the thought of another woman fucking her man
Fiona kept sucking and enjoying the taste of this woman's sent around hers husbands penis,
Alan standing with his hands on his head can't help but get a raging hard cock
"Oh Fiona you haven't did it like this in a long time what as got into you today?"
Fiona stops and looks up at Alan she thinks "should I ask who have you got into today"
But she doesn't she goes back to sucking her mans rock solid penis,
And In the back of her mind is George still pounding her in the ass it makes her more aggressive
"Ouch" Alan shouts out "easy hon" he says
"Don't be a bitch Alan now come on fuck me be a man for once!"



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