Alois the Bear Prince

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In the middle of the royal couple's council, a strange man wearing a bear head as a hood walks in and asks to be one of king Moncroix knights. The king is suspicious of the man's intentions but
decides to test his abilities anyway. Who is this man? Is he merely a hunter looking for a better job or is he a spy from a neighboring kingdom? Will the secret around his identity be revealed?

(Written in July, 2015)

Submitted: October 16, 2017

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Submitted: October 16, 2017



He looked up at the king and queen on their thrones from his place kneeling on the stone floor. The king was handsome; wavy brown hair slightly smushed from the heavy crown of gold on his head, his eyes a striking blue that regarded him with an intimidating look. He had a robust build with broad shoulders and strong arms that laid casually along the armrests. The queen made the rumors going around about her beauty pale in comparison. He was stunned to be allowed in the presence of such a wonderful woman. Her short - or was it long? - black hair puffing up in a cloud of curls on top of her head. He had never seen anything like it before. The queen had warm brown eyes, but at the moment they were directed towards him with indifference in them. Her brown skin perfected the whole picture and he couldn't help but glance at her a bit longer than he should. They were a couple said to be just, for the most part always listening to the complaints of their people. However, there were times when the king, sometimes even the queen, would lash out with violence and punishing commoners and lords alike in the most brutal ways. They were feared and loved, an uncommon combination.

"Rise." The king’s voice echoed through the dead quiet throne room. The knights were anxiously watching the king and the stranger, not knowing whether to fear the stranger with the bear skin armor or their king and his wrath. He quietly stood up, still with the bear head that acted as a hood hiding the upper parts of his face.

"Who are you?" the king asked slowly, still trying to figure out the strangers intent since he obviously wasn't a commoner seeking help or a lord trying to get on the royal couple's good side.

"My name is Alois, my king," was the short and simple answer king Lamonia received. The king growled a bit at the vague answer but decided it wasn't worth his time.

"What is your reason for coming here?" The stranger, this Alois, smiled a bit from under his bear head hood.

"I wish to become a knight for the king and the queen," he said and only the quietest of whispers was heard out of fear the king was in a bad mood because of the intruder.

"A knight?" The king was getting more and more confused by this strange man. It could be just a hunter looking to have a better paying job, but it could also be a spy from another country, ordered to find out the kingdoms secrets while in disguise. The possibilities were endless and he didn't want to put his wife in any danger. He had to find a way to figure out this man's intentions somehow.

"Yes, a knight. It would be a great honor to protect the rulers of the kingdom."

"Is that your only reason?" Now the queen spoke up, curiously eyeing the man clad in the bearskin.

"I wish to become stronger, to be skilled in sword fighting so I can protect those I hold dear, my queen," Alois answered, his voice getting a sharp tone at the end. Perhaps something happened in the past.

"A noble thing to do, but I will leave this decision to you, my husband, as it is your knights." The queen looked over at her husband who was now leaning slightly forward, creasing his brow in concentration.

"Your only wish is to become one of my knights then?" the king asked with a slight sigh.

"Yes, my king."

The king looked away from Alois and instead faced his council.

"Leave us, we'll resume the council later."

The council stood up and walked out into one of the lounges without complaint, only a few cast careful looks at the king. They were used to suddenly having to walk out during the council.

Some of the knights followed the council members out while the rest of them stayed in their place.

The king then pointed at one of the knights, a relatively new one who immediately straightened and tried to stop his slightly trembling hands.

"I want a short duel between you and one of my knights to decide whether you're even worth my time," the king gestured the knight over while talking to Alois.

"I wouldn't expect any less," Alois unsheathed his sword, a simple steel one that probably didn't cost much. He and the knight walked so they stood opposite of each other a few meters apart before looking over at king Lamonia. The king held up his hand, a signal for the two to get ready. The knight raised his sword, Alois mimicking it confidentially. The hand went down and the duel started. Alois immediately charged forward, thrusting his sword forward, but the knight parried it at the last second. After the first attack the fight was a flurry of motion; Alois kept on trying to stab the knight while he frantically blocked every strike he could, however, a few got through and he was bleeding from a few wounds on his arms, legs and even one on his right side. The attacks were gradually slowing down as the duel went on and soon the knight even got in a few swipes of his own. Both men were breathing heavily and they knew it wasn't long before they found out who was the victor. The kings burning gaze made Alois gather the last of his strength into one last effort to overwhelm the knight. Unfortunately, the knight had also decided to do the same thing so when Alois rushed to strike the other in the chest he stepped aside and swept him off his feet. Alois landed on the stone floor with a loud thud, pain sparked in his back and head that had taken the brunt of the fall. When he opened his eyes there were black spots dancing in his vision, he closed his eyes with a grunt.

Meanwhile, the knight was dismissed by the queen who looked at her husband in disapproval. She didn't fancy watching the duels the knights sometimes arranged, a competition for honor and from time to time money. The king on the other hand quite enjoyed seeing how all their hard training had made them excellent warriors, even against each other.

"Rise," the king commanded and Alois was hit with a strange feeling of deja vu. Slowly he rolled onto his side and tried to sit up. It took a while before he came over the nausea, but eventually he stood up albeit very wobbly.

"I admit, you do have some talent to hold up against one of my knights," the king said sounding genuinely surprised and even a bit pleased.

"Thank you, my king," Alois choked out, sucking in a deep breath between his teeth as the sharp pain from his back nearly sent him back on the ground. The king turned to look at the knights scattered around the room.

"Leave, I wish to be alone with this Alois," the king ordered, looking pointedly at his Head of the Guards until he gestured for the other knights to follow him out. Then they were alone, king Lamonia, his queen Micah and Alois.

"I only have one thing I wish to do before I start to consider making you one of my knights," The king said, confusing Alois even more. He had dueled one of his knights and proven he was worth training had he not? Of course Alois knew he would be a fool to question the king out loud so he stayed quiet and waited for the king to finish. The king studied Alois' expression closely before simply saying:


Both Alois and the queen stared in shock at the king’s words.

"Do-do you mean my clothes?" he stuttered, not quite believing his ears. "My king" he hastily added when he remembered who he was talking to.

"What else would I mean?" the king asked, smiling slightly in amusement when an unintelligible mumbling was his only answer. "You could be a spy for another kingdom for all I know and I wouldn't want to put my wife in any danger." He looked over at the queen who gave him a small nod as an urge to continue. "If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't be worried, if you have hidden any weapons in your clothes however..." Alois shuddered slightly at the vague threat. Everyone knew what the king did to any traitors and assassins he got his hands on and from what he had heard, it wasn't good to be in the town square when that happened if you didn't have a strong stomach.

"Of course, I understand my king," Alois said and reluctantly pulled back his hood that had miraculously not fallen off during the duel. Both the king and the queen were surprised at how young the hunter was. He had red hair that was ruffled and damp of sweat from being covered by the hood for so long and dark and brown eyes. His skin was tan, the king guessed from both being out in the sun and naturally. He didn't have even the slightest hair on his chin and almost everything about him screamed that it was a boy and not a man.

Ignoring the stares he got from the royal couple, Alois continued to shed his jacket. He made sure to explicitly show he didn't have anything in his pockets, boots or anywhere else you could possibly hide a weapon. He hesitated slightly when he was only down to his pants and the too-large shirt, but started to unbuckle his belt a few seconds later. Alois took a deep breath before just ripping off his shirt, revealing his chest, covered in bandages. He stood there, completely quiet in only his underpants and the stretched out bandages covering his breasts while the king sat back in shock. This woman had posed as a man, fought one of his knights, and put up a good fight against him too, and tried to become one of his knights. He went through this a few times before it finally sunk in and with it came the anger.

"How dare you ridicule me like this!?" the king roared and the queen jumped a bit beside him. Alois stared at the ground, shivering a bit from the cold.

"Alaric, calm down," the queen put a hand on her husband’s shoulder, but he just shook it off.

"You've seen what this woman has done to me, what her opinion on my knights are!" he growled, gesturing wildly at the figure of the once proud hunter. "She thought she would be a knight to show how they were as good as a woman, didn't you!?"

"Alaric!" the queen shouted, the pure anger in her voice silencing her husband to a silent brooding. "Your talk of women makes me believe you think so little of me so tell me, do you?"


"You say the word woman as you say the names of your enemies, could you please tell me why that is?" the queen asked, venom practically dripping from her voice. The king could hear how mad she was and he didn't like it. This was his time to be mad, to rage. It was he that had been made a fool of, not her. But he also knew that when he was angry people were afraid, when Micah was angry, people turned away to find the nearest place to hide.

"She told me with her actions that my men were just as good as women." He tried wording it as carefully as he could, but the queen didn't stop with her icy glare.

"Then you think of men as better, as more worthy, than women?"

"Women aren't knights, they're not trained to do it."

"But this one is, and she is just as good as your men, is she not?"

The king was getting frustrated, why couldn't she understand what he meant? Why did she only answer with more questions?

"What is it you want to say, spit it out!"

"You are saying that you have more value than me and I think it's wrong," she finally answered. "I am asking if you do not think the same?"

Well, the king thought, it didn't sound very good when she said it like that.

"Maybe it is wrong, it doesn't sound right..." he murmured just loud enough so the queen could hear. She turned to face Alois again, satisfied with the answer for now.

"Now, why would you hide your identity?" she asked Alois with a gentle voice. Aloi took a deep breath and winced a bit as his back reminded him of his earlier fall.

"I did not hide my identity."

"You pretended to be a man so you could join the knights, did you not?"

"No, I didn't lie about anything to you, my queen," Alois met her eyes for a split second before averting his gaze to the ground again. The king opened his mouth to talk, but was stopped when the queen lifted her hand to silence him.

"I would like for you to become my knight, Alois," she said cheerfully despite the heavy atmosphere in the room.



The king's crown almost fell to the ground when he whipped around to stare at her and Alois head shot up to watch the queen’s smiling face.

"Yes, I decided that since you have your own knights, why shouldn't I?" The king opened and closed his mouth repeatedly, trying to search for words, but ultimately failing and instead just imitating a fish.

"A-are you certain my queen?" Alois was leaning forward on his toes and looked to be almost shaking where he stood.


That is how queen Micah of the land of Trelan acquired her first knight - the one and only Alois the bear prince - and stunned king Alaric to silence on the same day. It's a very popular tale to tell at the tavern nowadays and for a good reason, don't you think?


damn i forgot how bad some of these summaries are. also yet another story meant to have a sequel. 

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