The girl who could visit the dead

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A 8 year old girl can visit the dead...How...guess you'll have to read it...

Submitted: October 06, 2011

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Submitted: October 06, 2011



An 8 year old girl...Her name is Alice....She had no idea that she could talk to ghosts! But then one day... Someone knocked on the door! Alice answer the door. There right in front of her was a man who is pale...He put out his hand and said...

"Hello, dear. whats your name?"

"Alice...Who are you?" Alice replied.

" Hello Alice, I'm Mr. Hardinger."

" Do you want my mom?" Alice questioned.

" No no I wanted to know if you want me to push you on your swing outside?"

"Ok..."Alice said.

There she is talking to a ghost...Her mother doesn't know she's outside...But Mr. Hardinger always wore a suit... He worea suit because before he pasted away he used to be home salesman.

After a few weeks later, Mr. Hardinger, never came back...There was a different ghost.

He knocks on Alice's door and puts out his hand and said,

"Hello little girl, whats your name?"

"Alice...Who are you?" Alice said.

" Hello Alice, I'm Mr. Beller."

" What are you here for?" Alice questioned.

"I'm here to be you new friend."

"ok...whatcha wanna know, sir?"

They were chatting at the door for an hour or so and Alice's mom suddenly came into the room...

"Alice...Who you talking to?" her mother asked.

"I'm talking to my new friend, Mr.Beller." said Alice.

"Um, sweety theres no one at the door?" Her mom said confusely.

Alice's mother went the door and closed it. Alice can't open the door anymore.

Months go Mr.Belling goes through the wall and plays with Alice in her room.

Then the next day...Mr.Belling didn't arrive.

After the day that Mr. Belling didn't appear...There was a new ghost...

One that isn't so nice...

Every night, the new ghost watches her sleep....First Alice doesn't notice him...Until one night she did... She screamed... Her parents showed up into her room and try to calm her down...

"What's wrong honey?" they said.

"I saw man in the hallway watching me and he didn't look very nice." Alice cried.

The next night, he was there again but arrived when she was asleep...

In the morning, Alice's back started to hurt...That ghost....made cut lines on her back...

The next night Alice's parents had her sleep in there room...The ghost was back...

Alices father woke up from stinging pain... he had cuts on his arm, his waist back...

They had a new plan...They had to move...They found a house and the ghost never hurt Alice and her family ever again... But whoever moves in to that house...shall be haunted and get cuts from the one mysterious ghost.

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