What I Realized

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What a girl realizes around her theres hell!

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



"Ashley, Come down" Mom called.
"Coming" I responded.

"Honey, I don't know how I am going to tell you this but..."

There was a pause--

"Ok, dad and I are getting a divorce. But promise me, that you won't hurt yourself or anything else." Mom pleaded.

I sat there, thinking to myself "what! how! why!" I ran upstairs. Slammed the door. I laid on my bed crying. I'm14 years old, so its depressing. I barely talk to my mom after the divorce happened. I sat in my room all the time. Sad. I felt that no one cared how I felt.

Now since I'm so depressed, I started to hurt myself, of course thatwould be called beingemo...

directions6.jpgThis was as deep as I cut it. thats how depressed I was.

I couldn't handle my parents being divorce! I ran away..... I came back because the police brought me back... Life is hell and I realized that I thought life was a...a... perfect dream. But its not... Its fucking hell!

One day, I was walking on the sidewalk and this man comes up to me puts a bag over my head....
I noticed... that I was just kidknapped...I heard a door slam.
I'm in a van...



16 hours later

"huh? where am I?" I asked.
"Shut up" someone said.
I couldn't see him. It was dark.
But he had a deep voice.
"WHERE AM I?!?! HELP! HELP!" I screamed.
"I SAID SHUT UP!" he yelled.


I felt a hot burning thing touch my leg. He burnt me.
Then he ripped off the thing that made it seem dark but it was a blindfold...

The man was huge. Black. Scary. Deep voice.

I looked at my leg. It was still burning. I wascrying.
I raised my hand so I can talk. Because I dont want to get hurt again.

"What?" he asked.
I sat there until he said I could speak.
"What? I won't hurt you. Just speak!" He told me.
"Why did you kidnap me?" I asked.
"I didn't kidnap you?" he said.
"Then where am I?" I asked.
"I can't tell you." He said.
"Why did you kidnap me?" I questioned.
"You were adopted" he told me.
"What? No, my parents are at home. Wondering where the hell I am!"I yelled.
"No, I'm your dad! Your mom is right here.' he said.
I screamed.
There wasa woman dead on the floor that the man said was my mom.
"TAKE ME HOME!" I screamed.
"Hell no" he said.

I found a gun.
I aimed it at his head.
He started laughing.
"Why are you laughing?" I asked.
"Because that thing in you hand is a bubble blower gun. Hahahaha." he chuckled.

He went out of the bedroom.

I took out my phone and called the police. I just had it so they can hear everything. After when they hear things for over 2 minutes. They can track where I'm located. I hid it under a thin blanket.

He came back in. With a spear.

"Whats that?" I said really scared.
"Oh nothing just my SPEAR!" he said suspiciously.


"Hello anyone there"
"HELP!!!" I screamed.
"ma'am we cant help you if you don't tell me where you are."
"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!" the man yelled.
"nothing" I said.

***************This will be contued later....I first want to see what people think of it******************

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