Cheater's Don't Win.

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This is a short story about my great grandson, who cheated when he played games. I decided he needed to learn how to actually win without cheating.

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



My great grandson who is twelve, now, was a really bad loser. He would whine and say it's not fair, if he couldn't win the game. He was not much fun to play with.

Then when he got a little older he started trying to cheat and I would quit the game as soon as I saw him trying it. After so many kids, you get to recognize the signals. *Nana, I'm thirsty* and when you come back, the board has been altered in his favour. He had a lot of little sneaky trick to alter the game in his favour, but I have seen them all. He wasn't fooling me.

One time when I quit, he called me mean, saying he was finally winning and I was quitting. I told him that if he needed to cheat in order to win, then he was just losing a different way. He said if I would let him win then he wouldn't have to cheat. I told him that letting him win would not be fair to him.  It would not be showing him any respect. It would mean I didn't think he was smart enough to win for real.I said when he won for real, it would all be worth the wait.


Finally, when he was about eight years old, he beat me at gin rummy. He looked at me suspiciously,  and asked if I had let him win? I asked him *Have I ever let you win?* He said *No*, and his face broke out in the best smile ever.

He hugged me and ran to his mom and hugged her and said

*Mom, I won and Nana didn't even have to let me. I am just smarter than her.*


I won the next hand. But he won a couple more and realized how wonderful it was to be able to actually win. Since then, I have never caught him trying to cheat. He is winning more and more often, and when I win, he says *I promise Nan, I didn't let you win. You did it all on your own.* Then he smiles and hugs me. One time, when he hugged me, he thanked me for teaching him how to win.


That was my reward. Better than a medal or a merit badge.

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