Oh..those bus drivers

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A short, humorous look at one bus driver's very bad morning.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Actually most of them are not too bad.

Here's the story. I have a seniors bus pass which is good only for the city I live in. In order to go the the next town over, I need a transfer and it should be punched on the little letters that say BT. I get on the bus, show my pass and say *I'd like a transfer to go to Burlington, please* and the driver will issue a transfer. Some will take the time to punch those little letters, but most don't even bother. The drivers of the Burlington Transit buses don't even check to see if it is punched. They don't care. The punch is to ensure that I don't give my transfer to some one so they can travel OUR buses without paying a fare.

Well, I work in Burlington, so I need to get a transfer. Not a problem....most of the time.

One morning, I got on the bus and asked for a transfer to go to Burlington, and the driver got so hostile. He glared at me and asked *Burlington? Really?* I said *Yes, really.* He issued a transfer and proceeded to punch it on those two little letters. Then he went on to attack that transfer with his hole punch. Ten more holes, he put in that transfer.

That was nearly a month ago, and I still get a case of the giggles whenever I think about that poor defenseless transfer being attacked like that.

I wonder who peed in his Wheaties that morning.

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