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Submitted: February 14, 2018

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Submitted: February 14, 2018



  The women tumbled out of bed, looked in the mirror and saw blood running down her legs unsure of what was going on she runs to the bathroom and checks herself, still unsure of what was going on she got in the shower and washed up. While in the shower the women didn’t really understand why this was happening all she really knew was that she was scared and that maybe something was really wrong. 


 "maybe I should go to the doctors and see what's wrong or maybe it passed there no more blood? "she thinks to herself.  Pacing around the room she began to wonder if she should be worried. While walking around she felt a sharp pain in her back it felt like someone was shoving a sharp knife in her spin. Falling to the floor she screams a blood curdling cry, never in her life had she felt a pain like this. 


She laid there paralyzed in pain her vison going blurry and everything around begins to fade away, suddenly everything was so quite you could hear a pin needle drop. Waking up a few hours later, everything was still pitch black even though her eyes were wide open she couldn't see anything but darkness. but why? Why was this happening she couldn't wrap her head around it all noun of this made sense. she was a good person wouldn't even hurt a fly so why was this happening to her what did she do to deserve all this. 


She begins to feel around the floor her realizing she was laying in something wet and thick. She tries to pull herself up and slips and hits her head on the floor. She try's once again to get up and did it this time she moves her hands around the room to trying to find her way to the phone maybe she could call someone to help her.  


The only thing she found was the front door opening the door she walks forward trying to remember that there where steps coming up she kept moving towards the porch steps. She moved slowly as she hears a sudden creek on the roof tops.  walking forward she then tripped on a lifted floor bored, right before she hit the ground something wrapped around her neck tightly suddenly it was hard for her to breath. Gasping for air trying it remove what was around her neck she felt her life slipping from her grasp, she no longer had the strength to keep fighting.  

Her blood was now running cold

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