Kiss of death

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Falling in love even when you should not will get you killed...

Submitted: January 10, 2014

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Submitted: January 10, 2014



Blood...i want it...not just anyone's, no but yours. As i stood behind the giant red wood tree i watched you prance around in the flowery meadow, your black hair shimmering in the bright sun, your fair skin shining, your bright blue eyes twinkling everytime they meet the sun. I chuckled to myself because i am amused at how you prance like you are so happy to be alive, your eyes may be twinkling but i can still see the sadness. You poor innocent human, fooling yourself into thinking you're happy...that is right, i see the bruises and slashes from your father. Why do you still live? you are basically lower than dirt yet you still show your white pearly teeth like you are so damn proud to be here prancing like you're happy...damn you human. You began to stumble from the pain of the bruises and collapsed onto the gorund, fighting your tears you stand and your temple began to bleed rubies, precious rubies...i took out my ruby collector and examined it. The shiny blade glaring from the sun, i grasp it tighter  and watched you try to put another smile upon your face. I came from behind the tree and stood before you, oh the look you gave me made butterflies in my stomach. I examined your beauty, i felt a warm feeling and it seemed all familiar and i didn't like it. The glorious rubies dripped onto the ground, you spotted my ruby collector and urgency and alert was in your beautiful eyes...i smiled and took a few steps closer \" Come now child, you should not be afraid of someone who will make your suffering end...well in this world at least\" i spoke. You scanned my face and i felt...flustered, it confused me for a minute but i shook my head \"What do you want?\" Your voice rang inside my head, it remined me of bells the bells of a church that chased me away. I covered my ears and you looked at me confused, i stood up and ran at you. You stood there frozen with a look of fear on your gorgeous face, i stuck the ruby collector into your chest. The beauty of your heart beating rapidly is amazing and beautiful, you did not scream but for some odd reason i did not like the clear rubies that came from your eyes. I took the knife out and sliced your pale, neck. Rubies gushed out and i smiled, i looked at your face and your eyes were closed...i felt this pain in my chest and it hurt more than anything i have experienced. I look down at your small frame and picked you up in my arms and tried to figure out this feeling, i felt clear rubies fall from my red eyes and i panicked am i sick? i questioned myself. I wiped some rubies off your face and placed my lips upon your forehead, i placed you down and stared at your beauty, clear rubies left my eyes and i could no longer see. I ran, ran to where exactly? i do not know somewhere where i can forget your face, i looked down and realized my ruby collector was missing. I still ran and ran, in all the centuries i have lived i have never felt more what is it? in love? no! i can not fall in \"love.\" i fell and looked under me to see train tracks, i tried to stand but my foot was caught...i heard the sound of a train horn and i looked ahead of me to see the color of rubies come towards me, i looked to see you behind the engineer smiling, i waited for the kiss of death i suppose and it came ending my demon life.

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