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It's an elf ^-^ Idk..

Submitted: November 15, 2012

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Submitted: November 15, 2012



I sit cross-legged in the grass, my bow lying beside me. I stare straight ahead at the lights in the house. I didn’t want to go to close; the dogs in the house will sense me. Of course. My unnatural smell. I’m inhuman. I’m an elf. I narrow my eyes and look up at the sky. The moon was nearing full. I should go to sleep now. Living by myself now was difficult. I had no one to lean on. I had my arm linking through the bow string and sighed; sliding to my hands and knees crawling under the tree.

I pull myself into the nest-like bed I had mustered together. I slid my bow and quiver under the nest and pulled my blanket over me, my copper red hair sliding around my shoulders. I linked my fingers around a strand and twirled it.

My head snapped up. I heard rustling in the leaves. I sunk back into the trees and bushes, pulling my bow with me. I peered over the edge of the bush tops and watched a fellow elf walk towards me, whispering my name, “Abnoba. Where are you? Abnoba!?” I shrunk back, whimpering. It was Taranis.

I fell onto my bum and lied flat on the ground. The leaves around me blew up into the air and rustled, making noise; I heard Taranis gasp. “Abnoba..” He sighs, walking towards the bushes. I crawl on my hands and knees quickly away and behind the tree, giggling to myself. He jumps over the bushes and onto my back. I huff and look behind me, smiling. Taranis grins and runs his hand down my hair, “Where have you been, I’ve . . . I’ve missed you. A lot.” I try to stand up, but he pins me to the ground, wrapping his arms around my neck from behind. “I . . I just wanted to get away. Without anyone there. I wanted to be by myself. Where I could live in peace,” I mutter sadly, knowing the tribe wouldn’t take me back.

My heart was still beating recklessly and unwavering. I have not seen Taranis in days, weeks even. He climbs off my back as I sit cross-legged again. I sits the same way beside me and wraps his arm around my shoulder, pulling me onto his lap.

I curl up against his chest as he holds me. We sit under the tree gazing at the stars. He runs his fingers through my coarse red hair. I rest my head on his chest, nibbling on his earlobe. He chuckled and rolled me over, pinning me to the ground. I try to fight against his grip, but his strong embrace is too much for my feminine strength.

Taranis rolls of me, laughing, tickling my sides. My ears twitch, responding to his mesmerizing voice. Oh, how I missed, Taranis.

I giggle uncontrollably until he finally stops. My breathing is rough. He reaches over and plants a kiss on my nose, whispering sadly, “Abnoba, darling, I missed you so much. How could you leave me? I woke up that morning, and looked over, and you were gone. I couldn’t find you.”

I watch him wipe his eyes and close them tightly. I sit up quickly, wrapping my arms around his neck, very tightly; kissing him and promising, “Taranis, I am never letting you go again.” He mutters quietly, so quiet, I could not hear him. However, I didn’t care. We were together. He came after me, maybe he cares once more.

I look at the sky. The dawn is nearing. I touch Taranis’s face softly as he looks at me, “We have to go. Where we are . . it isn’t safe. I’ve scoped out this forest. It’s no good. No food. No animals. No berries. We have to leave.” I gasp, “No!” I look under the tree branches, sliding on to my stomach, resting my head on my elbows watching the house in the clearing. “Tar, I really like this forest. It’s peaceful. I’ve found water. I like my little mustered up bed. I’ve begun to think it as home.”

Taranis lays down next to me, sighing, “We’ll explore at dawn.” I giggle, “I want to see what’s inside that house. Maybe there is people we can meet.” I am always up for meeting humans.

He grumbles, “No. We have to get back to the tribe.” I pound my fist on the ground, yelling, “No Tar. I’m sick of this. They treat me like I’m a freak,” My voice cracks with sadness. Taranis sighs, standing up. I roll onto my back, staring up at his gorgeous dark green eyes. I stand up quickly, only 5’3; Tar, 5’6.

I reach down and grasp my handmade bow and quiver.

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