A Patriot's Poem

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I wrote this for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011




Tuesday morning in the city; a very busy day

People passing each other as they say:

“Good morning” and continue on their way


Who would have thought that right from the start

That those planes were hijacked to strike fear in our hearts

A horrible event; a terrible act

The day we cried when our home was attacked


The planes streaked across the sky like a bird

And in an instant, people silenced; no more words

Fire and smoke rise from the towers

As the masterminds hide in fear and cower


Never before had I seen more

People working as a team, rich and poor

The people worked to save their lives and others

They worked as one; as sisters and brothers


Firemen and police came to aid

Their recognition for bravery will never fade

Christians and Muslims; Black and White

That day showed our nation’s will and might


And now, since then, the world has been at war

A world that is badly bruised and sore

In the end, only the peacemakers will succeed

The weak they will help and the poor they will feed

But until then, how many more bodies must bleed?


Since that morning, the world lost its course

A world filled with only sadness and remorse

They fighters claim to fight in the name of him above

But why practice violence? Is he not a god of love?


They believe one day we shall see defeat

But we will remain; we are still on our feet

We are a nation of independence and pride

A powerful people that will never step aside


Hopefully, one day love will come to earth

A chance for redemption and a chance at rebirth

But to get there, we must work to wash away

The evil that has been committed since that September day


© Copyright 2018 Gabriel Benitez. All rights reserved.

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