A Young Man's Testament

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Another suicide account, but a poem rather than a short story

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012




As I sit in my chair, I think about life

Questioning it as I admire the knife

I wonder when it was that life became so dull

When thinking positive became such a bore

Thinking about it just makes me hate it more


I see the world with all the hearts that are breaking

Mine is not broken, just horribly aching

There’s nothing to be happy about anymore

I no longer want a relationship, or even a friend

I just want all the pain and suffering to end


I’m not emo, or suicidal, or whatever they say

I simply think there’s no other way

To stop the pain I feel every day

I believe, through sleep, I will be awoken

And no longer will fear my heart being broken


There’s no reason for me to live anymore

I feel nothing except my body’s sores

I truly am dead at my core

I hope people will understand why I ended this life of mine

It’s so that, through death, happiness I shall find

© Copyright 2018 Gabriel Benitez. All rights reserved.

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