Ode to the Clown

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This is a different poem then what I'm used to writing, but I liked it enough to publish it. I wrote this one night after I was reading an old Batman comic I had. I was always fascinated with the Joker, and even though it may seem a little odd and geeky, I idolize the fictionalized Clown Prince of Crime. The way I see it, him and I think a lot in common, so I wrote this in praise of my favorite super villain.

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



You stand there smiling
Glaring at the mirror

No worry or stress

No doubt or fear

You apply the paint

Chalk white and blood red

No one to impress

Your family is dead

A colorful smile
But empty eyes

With each hint of laughter

Another person dies

The purple suit

And the purple hat

Planning your next joke

On the tired old bat

Beyond disturbed

Beyond insane

Children will cry

Parents die in vain

Bright green hair

And a yellow toothed smile

Not one soul

So corrupt and vile

No sympathy or affection

No mercy or love

No fear of what rules

Below or above

Who is that man

Behind the paint?

How many more lives

Must you taint?

Man or Monster

Which is the clown?

Behind that smile

Does there lie a frown?

You’re a demon; a fiend

A beast from hell

But you’re a freak like me

So I wish you well

You’re a master of deception

But they will continue to chase

Do what you do best clown
Put a smile on that face

© Copyright 2018 Gabriel Benitez. All rights reserved.

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