Time Has Passed

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Just another love poem...repetitive I know

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



I was the stone, you were the cement

You don’t know how much you really meant

I wanted, loved, and needed you

But you went and found someone new

My love for you was no lie

Even though you kicked dirt in my eye

I told you that you’d always be in my heart

Now I think that wasn’t smart

Babe you made my life complete

You added color to my blank sheet

Our time together was fun and neat

I loved to hold you because you smelled so sweet

But when he came along, your eyes were wide shut

You ignored me and acted like a slut

I told you I loved you every day

But you still went and threw me away

Honey you meant the world to me

Without you I couldn’t see

But now I know different; how you really act

The strength and endurance is what you lacked

I let you make your own choice

I let you speak with your own voice

And so you chose him over me

But it’s alright; whatever makes you happy

© Copyright 2018 Gabriel Benitez. All rights reserved.

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