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Submitted: December 13, 2011

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Submitted: December 13, 2011




First you pull me left, and then you pull me right

You love me in the day and you hate me at night

Please stop trying to break my heart

By putting us together and then pulling us apart


One minute you hate me, and then you’re in love

First you’re a crow and then you turn into a dove

You pull me in, and then you push me away

It seems like I deal with this every day


Make up your mind girl; I’m yours or I’m not

I either give you nothing or everything I got

First there’s a compliment, and then there’s a taunt

So go on, tell me

What do you want?


You want to have fun, or do you want more?

Waiting for your answer can be such a bore

I’m not being mean, or being unkind

But you are sort of wasting my precious time


First you laugh, and then you cry

First you say hello and then you say bye

I’ll do what you want; I want to make you happy

Tell me right now

What are we?

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