Love's Ability In A Young Girls Heart.

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Well i came up with this , by reading different scripts i had and quotes i made so i put it into a short story.Her names Ivory and it explains how love freaking hurts

Submitted: November 01, 2009

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Submitted: November 01, 2009



So i see him pass me by one day our eye's immediately connect , he walked towards me asking me my name i replied "Ivory" "& your's" so he again replied "Nathan". The day was over i was astonished of how the whole day went and meeting him was the best part , so i scribble scrabbled in my notebook noting that nathan is something 'cause soon i layed eye's on him everything changed my heart raced and that never happened before.

Well im from Germany, im 17 years old and a freshmen at college.Im a A and B student i dont get below a B thats not me.So i have three classes with Nathan i found that out when i saw him walking to my classroom and i asked for his schedule, right what a stalker.I smile everytime i see him its like a feeling i get in the pit of my stomach when you dont know what's going on but you know its a good thing it was that feeling. So some of my friends knew him and i knew from that point on i like him, i do so i told my friend you should talk and put in a good word for me to your friend Nathan and my friends like cool sure.Next day my friend walks with a folded paper and it was Nathans ScreenName on Aim , so i was extremely happy and all cheesing because i knew it was the start of a new beginning.I hit him up like a few hours after i got home so i wouldnt seem much like a feind and the conversation started...So it was a good convo he is interested in me ahhh it makes my heart beat faster and faster.

Only if i can tell him i already like him confusing feelings , i have another bad feeling he'd break my heart but thats not stopping me of seeing "what if" we can make it , "What if" its just a feeling it'll go away.

Months Past it's like January it's been 5 months since i known Nathan and we're talking as friends which worked out great, just he doesnt know my feelings are hidden.He asks me to hang out after school so i do and he asks him to be his "GirlFriend", tell me why im jumping out my socks just you cant see cause its inside of me so im just smiling and listening to everything he's saying and nodding my head yes and i tell him hell yes i'd be his GirlFriend.I must be losing it i cant think straight i like him so much ,and no doubt he could be the one for me he's sweet and all which i love.So i see him wearing his favorite grey sweatshirt levi's and grey van's he's just staring out the window next to his locker at school completely ignoring all his friends and just smiling with a piece of paper i gave him 3rd period about i feelings so i smile to my self and walk towards him and he hugs me and says "i love you" in front of all his friends i stood in shock but then clicked back to earth and said "i love you" for the first time i knew out of all the iloveyou's thats the one that shot me in the heart with the love gun and made me fall in love all over again.He walks me to class and kisses me so gently like is i was a so fragile i'd break into pieces if he made more movement i'd break, that i grabbed him harded and kissed him really kissed him and he smiled and i walked in he walked to his class.


It's May 19, it's been 4 months since our relationship and i love it. He asks to talk at lunch we sit at our table he has this confused face expression it scares me that i tear a little , so he tells me "I can't make this work" im like "What, Why , Where is this coming from, i thought we were good not perfect but something worth making it work." Him "I just need time for my self you know" Me "No i dont Freaking Know." i start to cry and he tries to grab me then he goes " I think it's best if we dont talk might give us both some space, i go " What the Hell you trying to do to me" ,i broke completely and walked out the lunch i cant believe what just happened ,he broke my heart.The pain is so overwhelming i cant bear it i wanna die its crazy talk i know i understand my paperheart ripped in millions of pieces after he just said what he said, My tears wont stop now and never will they, they fall by themselves. I whisper to my self "why" and it isnt fair why me i dont wanna be hurt anymore ,as i cry silently no one hears me is just what i want no one to hear me shout my silent shout ,and again whispers "you dont love me" i cry harder and thats done, cause i'll never be the same girl he's seen September 19.


It's June He never asks to talk just like he doesnt want to i know it , it breaks my little crumbled heart makes it bleed a little more and then the tears begin to flow and im not the same again.

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