My love poems

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I am submitting poetry. My poems are about love and heart break. Mostly thats what everyones into especially teens.

Submitted: October 29, 2009

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Submitted: October 29, 2009



Well i hope you enjoy my poems:These are all love poems theres no titles for all of them.

He's left

I let the tears fall past my cheeks, lips lading on my chest

My heart skipped a beat then beat slowly

Couldnt decide whether if i wanted to continue

I wanted him so bad, no one else is better for me

Thought i was ready , ready to continue searching

I was completely wrong, Every thought a tear fell down

Because he was so important I want him here no where else

But the tears will continue

Cause he's not

I'll fall asleep crying tears all over my pillow for nights to continue

All along the path towards the summer

I wasnt ready for this pain to take up my heart

letting it suffer trying to beat normally

But i'll never be normal

The more i try the harder it gets

Hands on my face ready to explode

trying to keep my self together so no one will know

But tonight every night

A tear will fall , for him .

As i began to speak

Words have failed, I broke...

Couldnt speak No one understood

i start to walk away

They laugh

I cry and whisper to my self "why cant i be normal"

someone's voice caught my attention

I turned

A big ball in my throat

Mouth shut, couldnt move

so still , she came took my hand and wiped my tears

and we walked away together in a non ending path of forever

As we began to fade

my words disappeared

she loved me

that was all it took.

Best Friends.

So she looked in his eye's

And the image in her head picturing her whole life

beside him came through

falling trying not too

The thoughts , feelings she'd get just by sitting next to him

drived her insane

He thought about her everyday

the thoughts of wanting to have

her in his arms

her slim body, warm face, and the way she talked

making him fall more in love

She just didnt know,

thought he could never love her

when he completely does

The best Friends

thoughts of always confessing passed by

but nothing ever really said.


This is her time, Right now

She has to let go

before everything fails

depression would take over

the rythem of the clock


Everything changes

in seconds

and she fails

She didnt let go , it would never be over

she tears and the blood of her heart doesnt stop

so weak, no motion

Stomach turning, minds spinning

red lipstick, black dress

Walked outside

in the night full of stars

hitting the floor on her knee's

her hands on her heart

bursting into tears

she c r i e s

" Please Stop"

Stupid mistakes

Reasonable actions

Some regrets

But always endings

tears , shouting

not part of the plan

the piece of heart

takes over and only

makes you feel pain blood rushing

so you can stay alive but

you fell hard and you had to

turn around .

This heart that's breaking

nothing but suicidal words

never happy words written

willing to write the words on my arms

cause they are already leaking from my heart

i let it continue

knowing what it'll do to me

A sip of liquor

No the whole bottle

said sober words, drunk words, striaght words

then everything changed

you will never love me.

As i go to turn around ,

Something beyond my strength stops me

It was how strong my love was

Who know's i should of kept walking

But my heart didnt let me.

You , only everything about you drive's me love nuts

All the feelings rushed so fast

Nothing would have stopped it

the feeling of your finger tips on my lower back

standing face to face

my arms wrapped around your neck

Eye's connect

lips meet

love shot my heart

it dropped

I saw only your face

Knew it from there

It would hurt forever

if you leave.

It ends, ends tonight

yet distance so far, yet so close at heart

pain overwhelming souls

took, held to much

Broke again, Fell Twice

Let it go, Ran back, screamed "Come back"

"Dont leave ME!!"

Saddest moment yet happiest for you

again walked away well tried

then broke down cried so hard

Couldnt open my eyes wide enough to see

As the sun's light hit my face

my smile fades away

Went for the long walk

never turned around till something pulled my arm

one wish i'll want

is all i ask to be happy

fuck everything else

just move on and walk away.

Finger's through my hair

I cant move

Wanting more of your touch

laying down squinting,

eyes moving elsewhere

Hearts beating faster and faster

laying down still , so motionless

falling even more in love

there's no where else i rather be

knowing that was another reason

i couldnt get up to walk away

I had once left that life

But couldnt do it again

Couldnt handle that excruciating pain once again

it'd kill me then.

You got to me so fast

I didnt evem get a chance to blink

the sight of you

Blinded me

Pictures ive painted

Stories written

But nothing as perfect

as when you touched me

the feeling of adreneline through my blood

the electricity through my spine

You sneaked up on me

I couldnt stop it

It was hard for the breathing.

It had to end someday

The lies couldnt continue

The truth was to hard to say

But you had to let go now

Even if it meant

Breaking her Heart

Leaving her suffering

Friendship wouldnt due

Had to walk away

Couldnt hurt her no more, Cause it was hurting you

Became strangers

Walked the same sidewalks ,school halls

Knowing everything was different now

Nothing would be the same

Till this day you know

She still hurts , but pretends she's fine

But you love her, you knew it , but was confused

You knew she loved you back .

As the blood falls , her tears shed

She knows

Knows the awful TRUTH

She love's him

He doesnt deserve her

she doesnt care

she screams to her self "I love you, Come back"

see's nothing

But feels so much

She feels her heart break little by little

then finally it drops , as she does also

her hearts broken , as if dropping a plate and seeing it shatter but cant

put it together cause you'll hurt your self

She cries s i l e n t l y

No one notices

She love's him .

Every other pair of eye's

Trying to understand everything

Seeing everyone move on

The tears coming

the ipod blasted

she's thinking of her love

cant even put it into words

everyone just walked away

left, there was no one standing

Her mind blew up

&&+ her heart gave up

her body dropped

This time no one could help

Rushing , so much noise

Someone Screaming "There's No Fucking Pulse"

"Oh My God, Wake up, HELP HER!!!" "Where's her mom?"

Picked up her body, her phone at her side

Called everyone on her contacts list

Hospital Bed, machines, wires everywhere , Voices

All she saw was the love of her life

And a pain struck her the last time

a loud noise "Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeeeeeep"

Louder Louder , Doctor's Yelling "Move, Move"

Give me the machine

Everyones face expressions worried

But his cold and blank

Eyes watered

He couldnt believe

He asked what happened

Doctor answered with two words

He said what ?

Her Heart

The boy dropped he couldnt think everything was so fast

by her side

whispered last words

And i was gonna tell you i love you.

But him

Stone cold,Empty feeling

It's over he said

all her heard was " her heart"

repeatedly .


As I go to turn around ,
Something stops me ,
It was how strong my love was .
Who knows , I should of kept walking
But my heart didn't let me :/

In my self are these feelings , feelings that are
Unexplainable.These expression so difficult to define.
The tears rolled down her face , as she wiped it off
Trying not to think of it cause it'll only make it worse,
She starts smiling but so fake that everyone can tell just no one takes the time to sit there and understand :/

Water is blue, My eyes are watery .
The pain is sickening, I could hardly bear it.
Shouldn't be like this , nothing is wrong I play
It in my head my voice saying repeatedly nothing
Is wrong . Lies to my self all over again never ending
Just starting , this soon all will be over ,
Love , should come save me .
A time where I was happy , that was rarely .
I smiled , & laughed at moments that came, only
Temporary , Happiness never lasted
On my part.
Come save me.Love .

In my darkest days , I saw 1 light
It was from you , but so far
You were no where near me .
Come back be4 I leave forever . :/

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