Story of Adelaide & Alize

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I wrote this story on my spare time. Its about 2 girls falling in love , when being best friends one kept in hidden feelings and now she found out love was returned to her. Tragedy then Strikes as one gets killed in a car crash and the other commits suicide after handling enough pain.





Walking i heard yelling i ran and ran as fast as possible i caught up, it was a girl beautiful something i never seen before green eyes perfectly caramel skin slim body brown hair just beautiful.I walked towards her saw her face puffy red eye's can tell she was crying her eye's out but i knew from the look in her eyes she didnt want me to leave and i was glad.I knew from there everything be different.She was wearing a black dress, black shoes, a neckalace that said her name Alize she had scraped her knee's and her knuckles.She says she was so angry she started punching anything and as she walked into the park she fell and broke down when we began to talk and she was happy to know someone was there to make sure she was okay.Her soft skin and beautiful face drove me out of this world i couldnt help but fall for her from that point on, so she wiped her face and grabed my hand i smiled,she smiled and from there we became bestfriends just me with hidden feelings.She told me everything of her boyfriend, ex's and girl crushes she was bi-curious but never did more then kiss a girl.Only thing stopping me is her boyfriend things i wanna tell her but are so freaking hard to say only thought that runs through my head "im in love with my bestfriend." So i write in my journal how today went

Dear Diary,

Today i was with Alize, we went to starbucks and talked about her boyfriend and how he's acting all weird with her and she isnt liking it so i was giving her adivice.We then went to barnes and nobles read some books that we both love dearly.While she was reading all i could think of was how bad i wanted to kiss her soft pink lips just didnt have the nerve to do it because she has a boyfriend.My feelings for her are undescribable no words would fit the way i want them to define how i feel about this one girl , if she ever told me how she felt i'd make her my wife and i will never hurt her in anyway i'd support her and help her and all just to make her happy.Without her i dont know what i'd do i'd go crazy with out her by my side thanks god she came around or thanks god i found her and she was safe.This time around i dont know what to tell her everytime my eyes lay upon her face my eye's dialate she's everything i want and only thing i need only thing i be happy if i had for my self.She's beautiful when i look at her eyes in the sun i get lost in such beautiful roads inside, she's broken im here to heal her only if she confesses she feels the same i hope one day she does or now that she feels the same way.Well yeah we're friends im just letting my mind get the best of me , and let it think of me and her being possible.

Next day we walk to school since it's like 15 minutes away from where we live and she's just talking but talking her way into my heart , my heart feels so much but my mouth says so little.She speaks i glance then look away to not make anything seem uncomfortable then i glance again she stops then walks again so i ask " what happened?" she said "I just realized something" i said "What is it ? " she says "Oh i'll tell you later."

Sincerely, Adelaide.

I hope she realized that she means the world to me and i mean the same to her , that we can be together even if we're both girls that it doesnt matter what other's think or say. Only thing that matters is her and i , i'd love to hear her say those exact words but thats just a part of my imagination.I always wanted her only her at my side well in the way were i can grab her kiss her and make love for the first time with a girl and she is the girl my girl soon my love my all and she is someone i'll spend the rest of my life with.At Alize's house sitting on her bed watching One Tree Hill and she's talking about the whole triangle between Lucus Payton & Brooke is crazy then she stands up and starts looking in the morror and looks at her side not looking at me then again she does it three more times and then says so " im in love with this girl i know well we both know her she's beautiful and her personality is something i fell in love with and her smile is amazing.Im afraid to tell you who it is because it might be weird after it but do you wanna know who is it?" i say "Yes i do" she asks me to come over and stand beside her im confused and my expression says it all so she says are you sure you wanna know i repeat the same answer so she says "look into the mirror beside me thats who i want to spend my whole life with " i stay speachless and i smiled so did she , i grabed her hand and said are you ready she says yes i put her into my arms and i kiss her for the first time and it felt beautiful so i kissed her again and layed her on the bed and caressed her body up and down gently so we began taking our clothes off i ask her again are you ready she says "are you?" i say "yes since the day i met you".She grabed me harder and put me so close to her body i felt everything and we were breathing hesitantly into eachothers mouths that i loved it and nothing seemed to matter when i held her and she held me i forgot about everything and she was the only thing on my mind as i continued to touch her we began to make love for the very first time and we both loved it as we got dressed and i layed next to her and we started to talk she and her eyes were watery i asked "whats wrong?" she says "Im just happy you feel the same way, im in love with you but i dont know what im gonna do about Nigel im confused".

I see her the next day she jumps on me i smile and walk with her to our class , so she's talking about nigel like nothing happened between us yesterday so i was there with a confused expression not knowing what to say to her so she says " Whats wrong? " this time it wasnt me i said " How can you pretend nothing happened yesterday damn sure well it happened" she says " Well forget about it because im just going to stay with Nigel, i cant just leave him out the blue and its going to make me feel awkward people knowing i go the other way and not straight you have to understand me" i stay speechless and heartbroken standing there with a blank expression my face wouldnt be able to explain anything nor any words in the world would come close to how i feel today so i say "Really Goodbye."And i walked away minding my buisness with so much pain not knowing if i can put up with it. So i sit there in class and she's laughing with her buds but looking at me with the corner of her eye, i turn around not to look because a little more i'll cry so i continue with the whole day at school then at last school was over i was walking home and she walked behind me so she started talking i said "I dont want to talk to you." she said " why not?" i said"What the hell you mean why not , you chose your boyfriend over your best friend just because your afraid what the hell people think you care to much about what people say freak what any one has to say remember you said im in love with you now your acting completely different and it was only over night." she had said a few words but whispered them " But i love you, you cant stop talking to me over that." so i said "Exactly why i will, Goodbye." Tears ran down my face i didnt know how to stop them then she began to cry and hugged me i grabbed her because it was exactly what i wanted but i couldnt let go now not ever.

So again i write a new Entry in my diary which is:

Dear Diary,

Eye's watered.I cried so hard when she said goodbye thought i'd die right there on the spot, it hurt so much could bearly breath i hesitated to speak she walked away and was gone.I stood in my room all alone my eyes as dark as night. Stupid ass people and their thoughts why cant they keep it to them selfs let people be what they want what the hell it isnt fair everyone deserves love especially me.I have no more faith i lost all hope i have nothing i lost the one thing that truely mattered, so now im alone all alone cant think straight all full of crazy thoughts i like it to be to feel & to know your alone i love it .Broken hearted now but cant do nothing about it but wait if something comes my way i'll take it so quick i'd never let go of her,smile pull her towards me but that wont happen. I feel as if im standing on the edge of earth deciding whether to jump or not knowing everything hurts i dont know confusing words confusing thoughts all over i turned back to reality and thought to my self i would've jumped if she wasnt the one pulling me back.Voices and continuing voices, im so hurt i turn off everything and stay in bed in the dark and just listening to my ipod blasted with the playlist i dedicated to her.


Sincerely Adelaide , hurt :/

So i couldnt stay home , staying home made it worse , i went for a walk. I stand in front of a park with deep connection and it was the same place i had found Alize and met her for the very first time so she had herd the same scream she had herd the first time when it was Alize so she knew who it was and it was Alize again on her knee's bleeding knuckles crying her eyes out and i soon i felt a drop they were my tears running as fast landing on every part of my body.She looked at me and cried harder so i still stand there wondering what the hell to do so in stead i sit next to her we stay quiet for the next couple of hours then her words are spoken first "im sorry." so i said "For?" knowing exactly what she was going to say so she said it "Breaking your heart , and messing our friendship up."She didnt mess up anthing i would've done it my self try to make her love me also.She stops crying and said"I want to be with you , do you accept? " i looked straight into her eyes as if she was stupid for asking such a question so i whispered " Yes, i'd spend my life with you also" and she smiled and said "Good i'll break up with Nigel tomorrow, & we'll make it official."She love's me and im in love with her which made me the happiest , i'll meet her anywhere in my head all went blank and she came to mind which i like the most so she hugs me and i dont let go niether does she.Knew i'd make her my wife someday , Now she's my girlfriend which i smiled at just saying those words.

So we're at school this moring and Nigel walks to her and asks to speak so she goes to him and tells him " cant be with you"and he replies "why not" so she says "im in love with my bestfriend" smiling while saying it she walks away.So she grabs my hand and we walk together , i walk her to her class she gives me a peck everyone stares so she said" What the hell yah staring at" and i walk away with my heart flying.I see her later that day after school and i see a couple of girls waiting outside , girls i never seen before i see Nigel he points at me i see three girls come right at me i stare at each face to remember the next time.Im getting hit all over the place none stop kicking on my back and pulling at the hair blank i see nothing. When i open my eyes im in a white room hospital first guess then i see Alize hear her screaming over the phone "Watch , What the hell is wrong with you. Just watch. Watch Nigel, you'll get yours."so im trying to speak but my mouth hurts i cant open it but somehow i manage to say "Alize" she turns and hugs me i scream and she whispers "sorry " i kind of smirk not really though i look into a mirror and i look horrible but the doctor said the bruises will go away soon he gives it a week and he'll give me pain medication for my back.So she kisses me and in the door way i see my mother with a blank expression lost in thought confused more and said "What the hell just happened?" and i said "Mom come in i have to speak to you " she walks into the room pulls up a chair and sits,"What about" she said ,so i interrupt and said "Mom i love Alize and she's my girlfriend im sorry i just never really liked boys alot never even caught my interest im sorry that it has to be this way but i really do love her will you accept" ,"Accept that my daughter's a lesbian you have to let me think this over" she said as she walks out the room to tell the others .Everyone walks into the room and smiles at the situation but also mad because im a lesbian.My family loves her dearly and my mom came back into the room and said " Im okay with it kind of , not really I have to get used to it and NO KISSING in front of me!" so i smile no like literally smile because my families okay with me and Alize being happy together also her family.


I write my new entry

Dead Diary,

So Today was good and bad .Bad because i got jumped by some girls that hang with Nigel.But Good because My family accepts alize and I together as a couple and she's my official girl friend.Im happy even if im in so much pain for the kicks on my back but so happy because i finally have her to my self i can finally say she's My GirlFriend at last. Im gonna get Nigel back someday somehow , i will.


Sincerely Adelaide.


Now im okay it's been two weeks i feel better then the first day i was at the hospital.So i get Nigel back, my cousin from Canada came to visit and i told him what happened so he was pissed off and decided to do something about him , Nigel ended up in the hospital because of how angry was my cousin he just exploded and beat him up.I was of course smiling and all happy hearing the whole story about what happened. I was laying in bed with Alize just talking about anything and everything and she is my soul mate really because im so comfortable with her and especially her next to me i just feel the strong connection and bond.So i wrote this poem just for her :

Take my lips

Shift down to my neck

with your breathing

Grab me by my waist

that theres no space

Between us

Don't let go until i say so

Until then hold me.

She loves the poem and i wrote a lot for her and she loves all.So we just talk about them, we also talk about the fight with Nigel and how she feel's stupid for even dating such an asshole that she never thought that he would do something like that , i told her it was okay karma came back for him.I let go of the situation i don't care no more.

Three months later we're walking into school and i walk her to all her classes.We get into the car and start drving home.While in the car there was a car who cut me off i started yelling but i had let it go then he left and i hit another car i tried with everything to stop the car but it was too late the car flipped over and dragged along the road, blacked out.I had open my eyes and saw nothing but light then i dragged my self out the car and went to look for Alize she wasnt in the car but next to it,I tried to wake her up i moved her sat her up but nothing tears began streaming down so fast at the thought of thinking my girlfriend dead i couldnt let her die i just couldnt she opened one eye and whispered the last words "I love you" last words ever said again.My eyes couldnt believe what they were seeing i rushed for some help but i was to late she left this planet with out me im all alone with no more Alize i can't.

It's been a week im no where near okay im severely depressed i cant take this pain no more it's just suicidal thoughts over and over, pain just over whelming my whole body not wanting to move or breathe or just be on this planet so i start writing my suicide note:

IM SORRY MOM AND DAD IM SO SO SORRY . I just couldnt stay on this earth knowing i can't see her any more just couldnt the pain eating me alive taking every breath it could so i wouldnt live , im so sorry i hope you can forget this and live on.

Sincerely Adelaide Raylon. Jan-3-89 to May-3-09

And as i stand above the roof on the edge thinking of everything i look down and the last thought of mine was Alize my girlfriend. I dropped my body and again saw Blank.


Story of Adelaide and Alize

Submitted: November 07, 2009

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