Your my Mother I Honor You

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This poem is very special to me, I dedicate this to my Mother. While everyone else is giving up on her I'm still here standing by her side; even though she isn't here with me. This poem basically expresses the love I feel for my biological Mother. I love her.

You're My Mother, I Honor You

There's no need for you to fear, Mom you know I'm always here.

There is no pain to harsh for me , so cast your pains inside of me.

I'll suffer these pains & give you my pride,

In hopes of keeping your soul alive.

You are the strength inside of me.

The love I feel & the air I breathe.

Your name gives me happiness, your appearance fills me with joy.

Your smiles give me warmth, your demands I adore.

Your voice gives me power.

The power to be strong & to live long for you & I.

Please dry your beautiful eyes.

I've never left your side, so there's no need for you to cry.

Take your hands & put them into mines.

Mom I've loved you through all lies.

Together we're strong, lets take a stand.

You will never be alone, because I am here to be your friend.

I love you for who you are, Mom you don't have to make a change.

I understand your situation, therefore I will not complain.

Together we'll accomplish, what we came to do.

Let go of your old, & take a hold onto my new.

Mother I'll always be here for you.

Your my mother I honor you.

Your Daughter Vawndaasha Gabriella May Willis

Submitted: September 03, 2010

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I really like this one... its really sweet

Fri, September 17th, 2010 3:19pm


Thank you i have much more i just haven't had the time too get it typed up...

Fri, September 24th, 2010 1:47pm

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