Crazy Ex-Vampire

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Taylor is so excited about prom at Merriwether High, but she never thought it would end up being the worst night of her entire life.

Submitted: February 07, 2010

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Submitted: February 07, 2010



“ Run, get out of here!” I yelled at Dillan.

“ I’m not leaving you Taylor!” he screamed back.

“Go! Here he comes,” I screamed, tears fell from my eyes, “ please Dillan run! He wants me! If your in his way he’ll kill you!” I sobbed.

Dillan looked at me for a minute with a sorrowful look and ran. I looked around frantically waiting for him, and when I say him, I mean the vampire that wants me.


I slipped the hot pink ball gown on.

“ Perfect.” I whispered as I looked at myself in the mirror. I twirled around and my cell phone started ringing, the caller ID read Danielle.

“ Danielle, what’s up? Are you excited!?” I screeched into the phone with a smile.

“ Yes I’m excited!” 

“ So, what’s up?” I asked.

“ I just wanted your opinion, what color looks best on me; red or silver?”

“ Hmmm, well silver is nice and sparkly, but red is hot and sexy.” I laughed.

“ I agree, ok Taylor I’ll see you there!”

“ Cya.” I pressed the end-call button. I strided out of my room and into the bathroom, I looked into the mirror, my hair was curled and had volume to it, my eyes shimmered in the light from the glitter that was on my eyes instead of eye shadow, and the lip plumping stuff my mom loaned me had an extraordinary effect to my already perfect lips. I puckered my lips and got the full effect, I gave a wink and a smile to the person in the mirror, then left the bathroom. I slid my high-heels on and walked carefully down the stairs (I’m very clumsy when it comes to heels). Of course my mom gasped and my dad let out a sigh, I was beautiful, at the moment.

“ Taylor! Gosh, baby you look terrific!” she looked at me in awe.

“ You look beautiful, honey.” my dad smiled.

“ Thank you.” I gave a thankful smile and heard a horn honk from outside. I looked out the kitchen window, it was Brad. I smiled in delight and rushed over to the door to let him in.

“ Brad!” I squeaked.

“ Hey baby, gosh you look so beautiful.” he smiled and pulled me into his arms.

“ Thank you.” I sighed and let go to look into his eyes.

“ I got this for you babe.” he said as he held the corsage carefully in his hands. I held out my arm for him so he could place it onto my wrist. I let out another squeak of excitement and he laughed and grabbed my hand.

“ Okay, we're going to leave now, but I’ll call you when I’m on my way back home.” I gave a wave to my mom and dad and walked out the door to Brad’s car. He helped me into the passengers' seat and shut the door, he walked around the front of the car and got into the drivers’ seat. We pulled out of the driveway and sped down the road to Meriwether High. I turned up the radio and my favorite song was on, what a coincidence, so I danced in my seat. Brad looked over at me casually and smiled; I laughed and tried to get rid of the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach (I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but yes I had butterflies about prom). We pulled into the school parking lot searching for a place to park. Gosh all the girls’ were so pretty tonight, and as I was looking around, I spotted a group of my friends’ by the gym doors. Brad pulled into a parking spot, got out of the car, and walked around to the passengers’ door to let me out. We linked arms and walked over to our friends’.

“ Taylor, you look hot!” Jaylynne shrieked.

“ Thank you, you look amazing too Jaylynne.” I said thoughtfully; and yes, she did look gorgeous, her short brown bob with highlights looked amazing and her yellow satin ball gown looked astonishing too, it fit her curvy body perfectly. It started getting dark and a little bit chilly, Brad wrapped his arms around me and I got a little bit warmer.

“ What time does this start?” I whispered.

“ I guess they’ll open the doors in a few minutes.” he whispered in my ear, which was a total turn-on; I laughed at myself. My arms started to tingle, thankfully, they opened the doors and I gave a sigh of relief. Brad and I walked hand-in-hand into the gym. The decorations’ were fabulous, the music was the bomb, and the psychedelic lights made me all jumpy. I pulled Brad to the dance floor and started dancing to 3 by Britney Spears, this is my favorite jam and I was ready to dance.

“ Dang Taylor, that dance should be rated R!” Dillan laughed, I looked in the direction of his voice and danced over to him. I gave him a big hug and danced back over to Brad. He spun me around and his lips met mine, I let out a giggle against his lips.

“ Get a room!” someone yelled. Brad let go and I looked back to see who it was.

“ Oh, shit.” I sighed, of course I should’ve known it was “him”. The hot guy I dated over the summer and obviously I never broke up with him.

“ I’ll straighten this out, hold on a minute.” I whispered to Brad, I walked over to Blaze ( my supposed to be ex)

“ Blaze!? What in the hell are you doing here!?” I whispered angrily.

“ Come on Taylor, lets go. I need to talk to you in private.” Blaze said flatly.

“Ok?” I said, confused. We left the gym and went out into the night.

“ What was that all about Taylor? I thought we were still together, you know you never broke up with me?” he said harshly.

“ I’m sorry Blaze.” I said.

“ Sorry isn’t enough.” he whispered huskily. He grabbed the small of my back and pulled me closer to him.

“ Love me again Taylor.” his hot breath against my ear.

“ I can’t Blaze, I love Brad.” I whispered.

“ Well, you could’ve told me that and I wouldn’t have brought my friends with me.” he said as he took a step back. A couple of his friends emerged from the darkness; I looked around frantically for help, but before I could scream, Cole had his arms around me and a hand over my mouth. I was wiggling and squirming around, when Cole said something so perverted. What the heck?

“ Hey, Jonathan, go get her boy.” Blaze called to his other friend who was just standing their snickering about what Cole had said. Oh my god! No! They couldn’t kill him! The tears and the sobs started coming.

“ Baby, don’t cry.” he whispered. I closed my eyes and just let the tears flow, I didn’t care anymore.

“ Let her go Cole, I wanna talk to her alone.” Cole let go and I let out a loud sob. Blaze put his finger to my lips to quiet me and he led me away from Cole.

“ Where are we going?” I let out a whimper.

“ I need to talk to you Taylor.”

“ Just stop! I don’t think we need to go any further than this!” I said aloud. He stopped and turned around, of course he would glower at me, hello? I yelled at him!

“ Tay,” he whispered (yes that was his nickname for me when we were together), “ come on, you loved me once, you can love me again. Baby?” he whispered walking closer.

“ No! I wanna go back! Back to the prom and forget that you ever came here!” I shouted to his face, and I suddenly wanted to take it back.

“ You’ve really done it now!” he yelled even louder than I did at him. I unnoticeably slipped my heels off and took off into the dark, trying to retrace my footsteps. I pulled the flowing gown up to my knees so I could run faster, But I still ended up tripping and falling. I could here him behind me, or maybe it was just my imagination (hopefully, it was just my imagination). The gym doors were so close, I put all my effort into making it to the doors. Come on! Come on!

“ Were do you think you’re going?” he laughed and pulled me back into the hold he had me in a few minutes ago.

“ Let me go!” I shrieked.

“ Nope, let’s see what Blaze says when he gets here.” Cole laughed. I screamed as loud as I could, Cole clamped his hand over my mouth.

“ Taylor!?” I could hear Brad calling my name and knew he would be dead in only a couple of minutes. I tried to scream, but Cole had his hand pressed too hard against my mouth to even breathe. I was breathing hard through my nose instead.

“ Taylor! Are you out here?” he yelled. I started crying because this would probably be the last time I’d get to hear him speak.

“ Lets take him out Blaze.” Cole whispered when Blaze arrived.

“ I am pretty thirsty, but Taylor looks so appealing.” Blaze smiled.

“ This sucks, I really wanted to kill her boyfriend in front of her.”

“ Stop complaining and go get him.” Blaze said. Cole let go of me and Blaze took a hold of me, he started pulling me toward his car.

“ Let go Blaze!” I moaned in agony. He opened the car door and shoved me in, and locked the “Childs’ lock”. Brad was being dragged out of the darkness into the moonlight by Jonathan.

“ No! Let him go! Blaze!” I screamed as loud as I could. Blaze turned around and gave me a wink and a sly smile. Oh my god! He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t! If he really loved me he wouldn’t do this!? Now it was time to figure out an escape plan and save my baby!


So, I’d open the doors and make a run for it, hoping that Brad would be able to get away as I distracted them; this had to work! I slipped over into the drivers’ seat and flung the door open. The alarm started shrieking in alert. Good thing I didn’t have those heels on or I would have been in big trouble. I looked back and saw a little movement behind me, dang! I pushed myself harder; Go Taylor, Go!! What the!? Dillan was coming into view.

“ Turn around! What are you doing!?” I screeched at him.

“ I heard screaming and then your boyfriend disappeared!”

“ Run! He’s coming! Please go!” I sobbed.

“Who's coming!? I’m not leaving you Taylor!”

“ Here he comes! Go! Hurry!” I screamed as loud as I could. He looked at me, his eyes filled with tears, he turned around and ran. I looked around frantically, waiting for my crazy ex-vampire to arrive.

“ Taylor.” a whisper came from behind, I let out a breath. He grabbed me from the back and I let out a moan of frustration. I pulled myself forward and put all my strength into pulling away; it worked. I started running again, nowhere in particular. I squinted into the darkness, trying to just get a glimpse of the gym doors again. This dress was filthy and I hated myself for it. It was so expensive, crispy new when I got it. That’s all I thought about as I ran, I thought about my poor, once beautiful dress. All of a sudden, something caught on the tail of my gown and I fell flat on my face. Ugh, damn it! A salty, coppery taste filled my mouth, and it wasn’t a pleasant taste.

“ Mmmmm…… something smells SO delicious!” Blaze moaned. I lied my head sideways on the ground, the blood running out of my mouth. Blaze leaned in closer to my face, and right at that moment I wanted to spit in his face, but then I knew he would kill me if I did that. A scream of agony ripped through the night air; Brad. Oh god, let me die! I don’t want to be without Brad, the love of my life! Blaze’s lips met mine and he moaned with satisfaction. I could feel him sucking the blood out of my mouth. I made a noise and I didn’t mean to encourage him! Just kill me now! Please! He ran his hand down my back. I laid real still, maybe he’d think I was dead? God make him leave me alone or kill me! I could feel a cold chill ripping up my leg, he was tearing my freaking dress?! What the!?

“ Kill me! Just put out of my misery! I don’t wanna deal with this anymore!” I moaned.

“ No baby, I’m not gonna kill you,” he breathed against my skin, “ I want you Taylor, so bad baby.”

“ Have me and while you’re at it KILL ME!” I screamed the last two words. I could feel the cold air ripping up my thigh.

“ Blaze just let me go.” I moaned quietly.

“ nu uh.” he breathed into my ear. Another scream in the distance; Brad. That’s it! I screamed as loud as I could, maybe it would distract him. I sat up and blinked hard, Blaze was right in my face. His eye’s turned to a glowing red in the darkness and he striked too fast for me too stop him. I let out a scream of pain. So this is where it ends?

“ Okay, we got her boyfriend.” Cole said.

“ Yeah he’s dead now.” Jonathan laughed. I let out a shriek of anger and pain. I could feel the blood being sucked out of my neck, which was a sickening feeling. I began slipping under, this was the end, I knew it for a fact.

“ The best girl I’ve ever tasted.” he moaned. This was the last thing I heard before I was sucked into the dark pits of death.

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