Vampire's Toy

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What could be better than a hot, vampire fiancee? NOTHING(!

Submitted: February 09, 2010

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Submitted: February 09, 2010



When I woke up I met the eyes of my vampire fiancée, Heath. I looked over my shoulder at the glowing, digital clock on the night-stand; 12:15. I sighed and turned my eyes back to Heath.

“ Vanessa.” he whispered, his face inches from mine. I glanced down at his lips and let out a gasp, he moved in on me. Our lips met and the electric shock tingled between our mouth. I wrapped my arms around him and held him tighter to me. His hands lingered on my sides, and his lips began moving gradually down my neck.

“ Stop, stop,” I moaned.

“ Let me just have a taste, Vanessa.” he whispered against my neck.

“ Noooo…” I dragged the word out in a whisper. I could feel his canines already piercing the skin, I tilted my head all the way back. His lips were sealed around the leaking holes in my neck. I let out a low moan of pain and I could feel his K9’s slip out of my neck. I fell back onto the pillows feeling woozy and drunk. Heath layed back down and I let out a burst of laughter.

“ Shat wasss,” I couldn’t control the little burst of laughter that came between my words, “ was theeee bestest thing I’ve ever-r-r feltsss!” I giggled. Heath put his mouth to my lips and that immediately stopped the giggles. I moaned with delight, his lips traveled down my neck to my stomach.

“ Vanessa,” he whispered against my stomach.

I giggled,” Yes, Heath?”

“ More, I need more! I’m so hungry and your so good!” he groaned with frustration. I couldn’t filter what he was trying to say. He came back up quick and pinned me to the bed, my hands behind my head. I thrashed and screamed under his weight, but he didn’t move off top of me.

“ This is more like it.” he said huskily, his green eyes gazing into mine, I licked my lips and he let out a growl of some sort. A smug smile crossed his lips and he started a major make-out session which was totally random at the moment.

“ Nah uh! Get off Heath!” I giggled drunkenly around his mouth.

“ Not until I’m finished, just hold still; this‘ll only hurt for a second.” he stopped making out and his canines extended. He came down on me before I could stop him. I could feel him biting into the flesh, not just piercing, but biting into my skin. He yanked and tore into my neck and I let out a horrific scream of pain.

I woke up in a cold sweat, looking around frantically.

“ It felt so real.” I whispered, automatically lifting my hand to my neck, waiting for my fingers to come across the bloody, gauging hole. I ended up with a sweaty hand instead of a bloody one. I looked over at the night stand; 12:15. I let out a raspy, gasp of air. Déjà vu? I asked myself as I vaguely remembered the time in my dream. I turned my head slowly back around, expecting Heath’s glowing eyes’ to meet mine. I snapped my head quickly to the spot where Heath’s eyes’ were supposedly waiting, but they weren’t their. I let out a sigh of relief, and drowsiness washed over me. My eyes’ slid closed and I drowsily dropped back down onto my pillows. I was finally overcome with a sufficient period of sleep.

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