A Story As Great as Joan of Arc

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Unfortunatly my muse was lost shortly afterward, but she made me create a story about how much faith I have that soon, the world will accept every love that is created within it.

Submitted: September 28, 2006

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Submitted: September 28, 2006



she said nothing to me with words
but her slow motion hair and glowing blue eyes
glittery smile and literal expressions
moved mountains.
and God made mountains.
but she didnt like them there.
so to all the people she proclaimed a great love
more important to this life than any old mountain
whether God made it or not
whether they liked it or not
And to the crowd with arms outstretched and a voice from a tumultuous history she cried
Out"Out!"  she cried, "with anyone unwilling!"
"Unwilling to love?Unwilling to accept?well then leave this place, you aren't welcome here.But if you have eyes in the same soul that a good heart resides, then stay."
A momentus force did grasp everyone,and from fiery tempers and patience weakening,a war was born between the mountains she had moved herself.
And those who opposed tried to shove and push the boulders to our skulls and the sharp edged rocks to our love.
Oh, those who opposed!!  How they shoved and strained and tried so hard to destroy all our hearts
But love does run much deeper than hatred, and with roots that spread far wider. A stronger force against hollow emotion & unrelenting belligerence.
And no one could suffocate our loves and ideas
yet for hundreds of years we fought.
we fought with words and songs
we fought with pictures and television shows
we fought with ideas. we fought with the future
we fought with protests & signs,  petitions & legislation.
we fought with love.
and for a hundred years more we fought
we fought until we could kiss in the streets
and hug in the theatres and hold hands in the libraries. we fought until we could live in one house and raise one family and wear matching rings on our left hands.
and eventually, we won.

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