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I fell in love and this is an account of how secure and faithfull I feel in it.

Submitted: September 28, 2006

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Submitted: September 28, 2006



I found it!
That tree,
Its sprawling roots claw steady in the ground
its stuck there pretty well.
I don't think its going anywhere for awhile

Well this tree
has a hole in it
An immaculate and perfect hole.
The branches are parted, framed by green dewey leaves
And some blue & some stars & some clouds peek in,
wondering if the space will always be vacant.

Well this hole
in this tree
is cradled by the sky.
And they take care of each other
all of the time.
The entire hole
in the entire tree
has to deal with the sky,
for better or worse, in sickness and health;
in hurricanes & tornados & tropical storms;
in lightning & thunder & torrential rainfall
But the tree & the hole stand calm and strong and steady

[perfect for a nest, I think]

Tucked under your wings 
are some building materials
Tucked under your wings
are me & my heart
... we should spend a lifetime like this.

So we build every day
and we add every week
and we celebrate every year
And one day we might just make it permanent
in front of everyone we know.
And one day we might build other people there.
and nurture them, and grow.

And spend a lifetime just like that
In the nest that we built
In the hole
In the tree
that is cradled by the sky
& whetever else may be

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