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This is a short story I wrote a couple of days ago. I was inspired in things happening in my life at the time and also inspiered by tha album of a band I really like. I am actually working on ideas to make this as a short animated movie. If you have any thoughts or ideas i'd be glad to listen. Thank you :)

Submitted: August 12, 2010

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Submitted: August 12, 2010



In the cold emptiness of the night, when the tower bells announce midnight shadows, and everyone's asleep, a deep sorrow takes grief to the night. In a garden near the tower, faith starts to fade as two beautiful roses cry, they cry out of pain for being too far away. They grow in a garden in which they're divided by colors, first yellow roses, then red roses, in which he, one of the two beautiful roses lies, then pink roses and then, at the end of the garden white roses where she, the other beautiful rose lies. He was a red rose, and all red roses where always considered the most beautiful roses, because they meant love. He was gorgeous very tall and he was considered the most beautiful rose in the whole garden. She was a white rose, which meant faith or peace, but white roses weren't considered as beautiful as red roses. she was a short rose and she kept a very low profile, not like the other tall and gorgeous roses in the garden, but she was on top of every other rose in the garden. No matter what color they had, laid a loving, beautiful, kind and caring heart. And she was considered beautiful too, because you could see she was more than just the outside. They fell in love a couple of days after they were planted, it was a quarter past midnight, and the garden was quiet, they both were admiring the sky. Since that night they've shared every night together, whishing and crying they could be growing and admiring the sky closer together. so they made a true love vow, until the day they will get closer together. They loved each other so much, that they cried, because they felt they were oceans apart, but with every tear, they shared the same dream, the dream of making their heart as one. Every night their dream was destined to fail, but they always tried to kept their love alive. But this night was different, as the moonlight started to change, this night was meant for them. As the moonlight became more silver, crickets led their way into the shadowed garden, and played a mellow tune just for them, the two beautiful roses felt graced, and their love was more alive than ever. As the night was falling the stars went brighter as if they didn't wanted to leave, and the moon became bigger and smiled down at them, possibly because the atmosphere was clearer, or because the two beautiful roses sent more love to the darker night. They loved each other so much that they just wanted to be together. With the breaking dawn around the corner, the bells sung three times again, apparently announcing the rising sun. As the first ray of light appeared, the garden brought life and shone again, but the two beautiful roses started to burn in fire, every rose standing next to them looked afraid; As the next rays came out to shine, the fire stopped, and the two beautiful roses were now black, beautiful black roses. The garden care taker came out just to find what the emptiness of the night shadows had left, he stared confused at the two roses which he just yesterday thought they were the most beautiful roses in the entire garden, took a deep sigh and cut the two beautiful black roses and threw them away. In that exact same moment it went dark again and the bells sang another three times , and every rose in the garden and in every garden in the world turned black, a few moments later the sun came out again, and every rose had become a beautiful black rose, but instead of every thorn a beautiful tear, like your crystal soul, reflecting the failed tragic love of the two beautiful black roses.

The importance is not what color you are as a rose; Neither is, that every rose wants to be you color; The only important thing is that the love you give, you give as a rose may give.

By: Gaby Fuentes Castillo Guatemala, August 10th 2010.


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